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DealDash Decorates Fun Easter Eggs


Easter is coming soon, and decorating eggs is a fun thing to do. Here are three ways to decorate eggs for the upcoming holiday.

Easter is a fun time of year for kids. They get to go on Easter egg hunts and get Easter baskets. One of the coolest things about Easter is decorating Easter eggs. Decorating Easter eggs is a common tradition that kids do every Easter. You don’t have to use basic colors for Easter eggs. There are a lot of cool ways to decorate an Easter egg. Here are 3 cool ways to decorate an Easter egg,  — Read full post

Kids and Parenting

DealDash Kids: Tips for an Easter Celebration


With Easter just a couple short weeks away, now is the time to plan your celebration. Here are some tips to help, from DealDash.

Planning a fun Easter celebration is essential, especially if you have young children. You need to plan a great day for everyone to be able to enjoy this holiday. Here are some ideas for planning a memorable Easter celebration, from DealDash.

The Egg Hunt

The first thing you definitely need to do is to plan an Easter egg hunt. Nothing says “Easter Party” more than an egg hunt. It would be very smart to assign each  — Read full post


DealDash Makes Easter Fun for Kids

DealDash Easter

Easter is tomorrow, have you got everything set up for the kids or grandkids? If you need a little help, here are some tips from DealDash.

What does your family like to do on Easter? Do you have any fun family traditions? Easter started as a religious holiday, of course, but there are many people who don’t practice religion who enjoy the fun secular aspects of the holiday. Here are the best things to do on Easter when you have kids or grandkids.

Easter Egg Hunt

In a previous DealDash article, we talked about coloring Easter eggs. If you followed  — Read full post


Enjoy Egg Decorating with DealDash

DealDash Easter eggs

Having kids or grandkids means that you’ll be decorating some Easter eggs this weekend. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash to make the process go more smoothly.

Decorating eggs is a fun pastime that kids and adults can enjoy together. You don’t have to be a regular churchgoer to enjoy the secular parts of Easter. There are so many great things about decorating Easter eggs. It’s fast, fun, and the best part is you can eat them when you’re done!

Decorating With a Kit

Decorating Easter eggs with a kit is, of course, the easiest way of all.  — Read full post


DealDash Recipe: Unicorn Fudge!

dealdash fudge recipe

Easter is coming. Whip up a batch of unicorn fudge to please everyone with a sweet tooth.

Have you ever tried unicorn fudge? It’s delicious, adorable, and fun to eat. It’s easier to make than traditional fudge, and it comes out so much prettier. You can adjust the recipe to make different colors and add different toppings. Grab your kids or grandkids and start a batch of unicorn fudge. Here is the recipe from DealDash.


  • white sugar 3 Cups
  • 34 cup  unsalted butter
  • 34 cup half-and-half
  • 12 ounces (1 bag) white chocolate chips
  • 8 ounces
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