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Celebrating Taco Tuesday With DealDash


Every Tuesday is a great day for tacos! Here are some ideas for your next Taco Tuesday, from DealDash.

Do you love tacos? My family sure does, and we have tacos every Tuesday! I have figured out some easy ways to simplify the process. If you love tacos, be sure to read this article from DealDash.

Have Baked Chicken on Monday

If we are talking about Taco Tuesday, what does chicken on Monday have to do with it? Everything! My family’s favorite tacos are chicken, so therefore we always have baked chicken on Monday, and I make extra. Enough to  — Read full post

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DealDash’s Delightful Refreshing Summer Drinks


When the warmer weather gets here you will want to try some delicious and refreshing drinks. DealDash has some ideas for you!

The summertime is approaching, and warmer days are ahead. Sometimes the heat is unbearable during the summer. Staying hydrated is important during the summertime so you will not get overheated. You don’t have to drink just water when you are feeling hot. There are cool and refreshing drinks that you can make to stay cool. Here are 3 cool and refreshing summer drink ideas.

Watermelon Slushies

Watermelons are a sweet and delicious fruit. Cool off this summer by  — Read full post

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DealDash Cooks: Adding More Taste to Your Cooking


Your cooking tastes great – but could it taste better? Read this article from DealDash to learn how to incorporate more taste into your cooking.

Are you having trouble with your meals tasting bland? Could you use some help in making your next meal taste great? Everyone loves food that has exciting tastes. Here are some tips for being able to do just that, from DealDash.

Marinate Your Food

You could choose to marinate your food. Marinating your food will not only help to give it a great taste but it can also help to make tougher cuts of meat  — Read full post

Health Wellness

DealDash Snacks on Healthy Almonds


Almonds are not only delicious but quite nutritious. Read on for some of the benefits of these delicious nuts from DealDash.

Almonds are one of the most commonly grown nuts around the world. They have a myriad of health benefits making them a great choice for cooking, baking or for simple snacking. Here are some of the great benefits of eating almonds. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Healthy Fats = More Energy

Almonds contain healthy fats that can give you a fantastic amount of natural energy. Now you might be thinking that a food having fats would mean  — Read full post

Kids and Parenting Kitchen

DealDash’s Fun Kid Cooking Activities

dealdash kids

Cooking is a great skill to share with your kids or grandkids. Here are some tips from DealDash to get you started.

Are your kids constantly pretending to cook up yummy treats? If so you may just want to set them loose in the kitchen. There are a bunch of fun activities that they can do that will let them have fun and learn a useful skill as well. Here are a few kitchen activities that you can do with your kids, from DealDash.

Curate a Cookbook

You can help your kids put together a cookbook of favorite recipes. Everyone  — Read full post