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DealDash Gas Gift Cards
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I had a fun week waiting on the DealDash items I had coming from USPS mail, UPS and FedEx guys. I didn’t win any larger items last week, but I had a lot of fun and got some cool things I really wanted and needed.

In the mail I got a $150 gas card that is being put to very good use. I work with our county and some animal rescue organizations and I use a lot of gas running around town going to the shelter, to pick up animals, to deliver animals, to the pet store, and to pick up supplies. The gas cards are some of my favorite items to bid and win on and they have a really good variety!

craftsman torpedo level won on DealDash.comI also received a neat Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level, valued at $47, for $ .01. It will go with the iWork 50-piece Pink Home Tool Set that I used the Buy it Now on to get my bids back¬†recently. No more asking my husband or struggling to get that wall picture to hang straight. ūüėČ

Today I was very excited because I received the Wooden Jewellery Armoire worth $101 that I won for $0.01. The $20 Conair Classique Collection Lighted Mirror that I won for $ .01 is sitting on top. Inside is my recently won $76 Blue Sapphire Heart Bracelet in Sterling Silver that I won for $14.65. My jewellery is finally organized!

And remember, everything from DealDash always comes with free shipping! 

I am pretty much on a fixed income so I have to wait a couple of weeks to do some more shopping. In the meantime, I need to place a pet food order so I am going to BIN (Buy it Now) a $200 Amazon card that I spent way too many bids on …. I know that we’ve all done that! ¬†Happy Bidding!

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By Dianne Aikman