DealDash Beautifies Your Lawn for Spring


April showers bring May flowers. Have you gotten your yard set up for Spring? Let DealDash help.

There are many facets to getting your yard set up for Spring. There are flowers and veggies to be planted, hoses and sprinklers to be arranged, lawn furniture to be hosed off, and many other tasks. Let DealDash help you figure it all out.

Get Those Plants Planted

If you’re a fan of gardening then you know that it’s just about time to get everything in the ground, depending on where you live. It’s an excellent time to re-seed any patchy parts of your lawn, pull out any dead plants and bushes and re-plant, and so on.

Those fruits and veggies aren’t going to plant themselves, either! Get your seeds or seedlings ready and get out there. It’s very rainy here in the North East, but as they say, April showers bring May flowers. I’ll stick a handy last frost date chart down below. Most of the US is now frost-free, but be sure to check your zone. offers a really good chart with expected last frost dates and a zip code/zone lookup system to find out when you should start your seeds:

Check it out! USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Lookup

Last Expected Frost Dates by Zone

  1. Zone 1: June1 – June 30
  2. Zone 2: May 1 – May 31
  3. Zone 3: May 1 – May31
  4. Zone 4: ;May 1 – May31
  5. Zone 5: March 30 – April30
  6. Zone 6: March 30 – April30
  7. Zone 7: March 30 – April30
  8. Zone 8: February 28 – March 30
  9. Zone 9: January 30 – February 28
  10. Zone 10: January 1 – January 31
  11. Zone 11: Frost Free Year Round

Get Your Mower and Tools Into Shape

If you need to do any repairs on your mower or weed wacker, now is the time. Gas those babies up and get them clean and ready to work for you. Clean off your hand tools for gardening, your shovels, and any other tools you might need to take care of your lawn and garden this summer.

Get Out Your Hoses and Use Them

Have your hoses been collecting dust in the shed or the garage? Turn on your water supply to your outside spigots and set up those hoses and sprinklers. While you’re at it, be sure to hose off all of your outdoor furniture, your deck, your shed, and anything else that got grungy during the winter.

Purchase New Summer Items

Now is the time to be bidding on, winning, or BINning (Buy It Now) lawn and garden items! Do you need a new mower or weed wacker? How about a new power washer or even a new grill? DealDash has all of these items and more. Why would you bother to drag yourself to the big box store and haul those items home when you can just get them on DealDash and receive free shipping? It’s win-win!

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