DealDash Coffee Facts – Past & Present

I don’t know about you, but I feel lost before my first cup of coffee in the morning. Do you know any coffee facts? Let’s learn!

There’s nothing more that I like better in the morning than my cup of coffee. Hot, iced, I love it all. Coffee has a very interesting history that I would love to share with you today. So grab a cup and let’s go back into history and learn some fun coffee facts. Read on for some interesting information from DealDash.

Coffee Facts: The Beginning

For starters, you might be surprised to learn that the cultivation of coffee is said to be one of the world’s oldest activities. It has been dated back to between the 5th and 9th centuries in southwest Arabia (modern-day Yemen). From

there, the drink made its way across Africa and North America. It wasn’t until much later that Europeans first tasted their first cup of coffee, brought over from Egypt.

Who first brought the beans to Europe is disputed, but we do know that coffee eventually found its way into Italy via merchant traders who traveled through Venice. In 1615, the first European coffeehouse opened in Venice. Others soon followed throughout Europe, bringing with them a drink that was quickly becoming a part of everyday life for many Europeans. Coffeehouses started to pop up everywhere!

Coffee Facts: Europe

The Europeans enjoyed their coffee so much that they decided to try and grow it themselves. In 1616, more than 5 tons were shipped from the port of Mocha in Yemen to Amsterdam which created quite a stir among those who encountered it. By 1657, there were over 300 coffee shops in England, plus several more on the continent including Holland and France. Even famous people became regular visitors at these establishments as they came into fashion during this time period.

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Finally, as the years went on, coffee remained a popular drink and was used to help people stay awake during long hours of work. Today, we continue to enjoy this beverage and it has become one of the most traded commodities worldwide (after oil, of course). It also remains a huge industry that employs more than 25 million people around the globe.

Even though you can find coffee in all kinds of places today, there is still no place like home brewing your own cup to get you going in the morning or helping you de-stress after a long day at work! There’s nothing like walking into your kitchen and realizing that you have everything you need already waiting for you there. No need to order delivery or go out to the drive-through.

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Want to make your own delicious and creative coffee drinks? Martha Stewart has a great article with some delicious coffee recipes that you can make at home.

Thanks for Reading

These are just a few of the fun coffee facts in today’s coffee education. So the next time you think about your fresh cup of morning coffee, consider a new coffee maker from DealDash. No matter which one you choose, you will be enjoying your hot (or iced) cup of coffee in no time!

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