DealDash Kids: Sibling Rivalry Solutions

If you find yourself dealing with sibling rivalry, you aren’t alone. However, there are a few things that you can do to help.

Do you have multiple kids? Are they always fighting with each other and driving you crazy? It is hard to keep the peace when there are two or more little ones in your house. The whole idea about siblings getting along is not something that always happens naturally. There are some things that parents can do to help their children get along better, though! In this blog post, we will talk about a few strategies for helping small kids get along and avoid sibling rivalry. Read on for some ideas from DealDash.

Family Meetings Can Quash Sibling Rivalry

A there are few things you can do right at home to minimize sibling rivalry. First of all, try having one big family meeting where everyone gets to talk about their day and share different opinions. This may be helpful if someone was

frustrated by another person’s behavior during the day. Chances are pretty good that this problem will happen again if not addressed directly. One possibility is to implement some consequences for certain behaviors throughout the week. This would not be a major punishment, but perhaps something like if a sibling isn’t sharing control of the TV and/or computer, iPad, etc, then the other siblings get to choose the movie on Friday night. After being implemented a few times, it’s possible that these behaviors won’t continue. That would mean less fighting during the week, and fewer headaches for mom and dad.

Many parents have found that this strategy can be very rewarding! When the kids are allowed to share their opinions without fear of being judged or ridiculed, then things seem much easier around your household. You may find that some problems never come up again because they were immediately addressed during these meetings! Also, remember- sometimes just talking through an issue with another person can make all the difference when dealing with sibling rivalry.

Kids Who Do Chores Together Learn Teamwork

The next suggestion is to involve the kids in chores around the house. I know what you’re thinking – “How can assigning chores help with sibling rivalry?” Easy! Having a set chore schedule that everyone has to participate in can prevent many arguments and resentful feelings. When siblings are assigned separate chores at different times, they usually begin to think that the chores that they are doing are much more time-consuming and difficult than the ones that their siblings are doing. Remember, it’s not about who does the most work – it is about everyone pitching in. If you assign chores for each child according to their age and abilities, they will feel more important.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what chores are appropriate for each age group, the site has a nice chart that you can take a peek at to help.

Encourage Siblings to Play Together – DealDash Can Help

Finally, just spending more time playing together can really help tone down the sibling rivalry. Instead of forcing them to play together when you think they should be getting along, try some DealDash games for your family activities. Children learn how to work as a team while playing board games and card games with their siblings. This is definitely one of the best ways that parents can help small kids get along better- by simply spending more time playing games together!

DealDash can help you with this by providing many opportunities to bid on items meant for family fun. You will find toys and games for the whole family to enjoy together. Game console systems, board games, and sports equipment are just a few of the items you can get on DealDash to enjoy with your family.

Thanks for Reading

Living in a house full of children usually requires each person’s patience and understanding during tough situations or sibling rivalry flareups. However, there are many things that you can do right at home to improve these relationships before big problems arise throughout the week – just remember this blog post next time sibling rivalry rears its ugly head at your house. Thanks so much for reading the blog this week!

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