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Do you want to feel happier at more calm at work? If so, then read this article from DealDash.

Going to work can sometimes be stressful. However, if you can manage to turn your personal office space or cubicle into a place that you feel relaxed then your happiness and your productivity will increase. A stark environment with bare white walls does nothing to calm you or make you feel at ease. Try some of these tips from DealDash to improve your office life by creating a calming office space.

Plants, Plants Everywhere

There is nothing more calming or stress-reducing than some beautiful green plants in your work space. Plants can de-stress you, make you feel more relaxed, and look nice as well. I prefer real plants, but the artificial kind will work as well. If you aren’t a big fan of leafy green plants, then just try a small succulent on your desk or a small bouquet of flowers to cheer up your space.

Clean Up

If you have 22 different post-its stuck around your cubicle, along with various papers, pens, and half-eaten food (ew!) then it’s time to clean up your office space. Clean up is simple, just start with the things that can definitely be thrown away or recycled such as that half-eaten bagel and those lunch take-out menus that you can easily look up online if you need them. Once you have thrown away the trash, then tidy up the rest by organizing them nicely. You will feel much better about your space when it’s clean.

Adding a Touch of Home

Now that you have gotten some nice plants and cleared away your trash and recyclables, it’s time to decorate. Bring in a few framed photos of your family, friends, or pet. They will make you feel more calm and happy through the stress of the day. You can also bring in your favorite coffee mug, and even a foot massager for under your desk (Shhhh! I won’t tell!). If you are a fan of the new flameless LED candles you could bring in one of those as well. They typically have remotes so you can change their color throughout the day to suit your mood.

Music to My Ears

If you aren’t required to be on the phone most of the day, then bring in your favorite music. You can load up your iPod with different playlists to complement your mood. Make a “busy day” playlist with background music, and a “slow day” playlist with lots of upbeat songs to get you through a slow day. If you have your own office then a Bluetooth speaker might be the thing for you, however, if you are out in the “cubicle farm”, then you’ll need to get headphones or ear buds. If your job requires you to answer the phone then try just sticking in 1 ear bud so you can hear when the phone rings.

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