DealDash Health: Resolve to Stop Smoking

DealDashWas your resolution this year to stop smoking? Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash.

If your resolution was to stop smoking, then I applaud you – it’s a very difficult habit to break, but you will be so much healthier for it. Your decision to stop smoking for good, is a great plan! However, you have to think about things a little differently to trick your brain. If you’re ready to stop smoking, then read on for some help from DealDash.

Stop Thinking of it as a Sacrifice

When you quit smoking, you probably considered it a personal sacrifice that is achieved through willpower. The idea of sacrifice implies giving up something good, and even after you’ve quit you might still think you are making a sacrifice. If that’s your case, it’s normal that at some point in the future that you might feel the urge to smoke again.

To avoid this, you must change your relationship with tobacco and how you think about it. Quitting smoking is not a sacrifice, but an improvement in your quality of life and health. Think about what you have gained by quitting, not what you think you’ve lost.

Change Your Habits

Smoking is a daily habit for many people, and by quitting it leaves a gap that, if not filled, pulls the ex-smoker back in and can encourage a relapse. In many cases, it is an indivisible part of some activities, such as having coffee after lunch or going out for drinks with friends.

Find something to replace it, preferably something that keeps your hands busy and can take you more or less the same time. Eat candy or chew gum (preferably sugar-free), put together puzzles, use a toy against anxiety such as a fidget spinner or cube. As for coffee or drinks, change the time or place, and try to avoid repeating the same activities you used to do when you were still smoking.

Changes Can Come Slowly

Maybe you thought that once you quit smoking you would notice a big change in your health and that’s not the case. Normally, the effects on health are immediately noticeable such as your breathing improving, your skin looks better, and the flavors of food are more pronounced. However, perhaps in your case, you need a little more time. Be patient, the health benefits are there, even if they aren’t immediately evident.

And while you’re betting on your health, combine quitting smoking with starting sports or eating a healthier diet. It’s not about changing your life from top to bottom, something that will only cause you more stress, but about gradually improving your habits so that smoking is no longer worthwhile for as much as you want.

You Might Gain Weight

An unfortunate side effect of quitting smoking can be weight gain. This is often because the anxiety experienced by quitters is channeled through eating. This can set many recent ex-smokers back.

If it is your case, you should keep in mind that quitting smoking, in itself, is not the problem. The problem is exchanging cigarettes for calories. Try to make up for the urge to smoke with something that isn’t fattening, or at least healthy (like fruits and vegetables). Try to accompany it with some physical exercise to help you get even healthier.

Thanks for Reading

Making positive changes like stopping smoking can be a wonderfully healthy thing to do in your life. So think hard about these reasons that you might slide back into smoking, and try to prevent it.

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