DealDash Home: Organizing the Pantry


Every home can benefit from organization. Today we are going to talk about pantry organization. Read on for helpful information from DealDash.

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning – you don’t need to have an actual walk-in pantry to have an organized pantry space. A small closet, kitchen cupboards, or even a free-standing storage unit or bookshelf can serve as a pantry. With that said, let’s get organized! Read on for tips, tricks, and information on pantry organization.

Where’s Your Pantry? DealDash Can Help!

As mentioned above, not everyone has a large walk-in pantry. If you have one, you’re all set, you can move to the next section. For those of us who don’t have one, you’ll need to decide where you will keep your dry goods. At my house, we don’t have a walk-in pantry, but we have a dedicated closet with shelving. If you don’t have a closet available, why not get a free-standing storage unit from DealDash?

DealDash offers many storage solutions for different circumstances. If you go to the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash you will find many choices. You will find hanging wall units, shelving, and free-standing closets.

Purge Your Pantry

After you’ve found out where you’re going to keep everything, then you’ll want to go through your supplies. You’ll want to purge the items that are either expired or that your family doesn’t like. You can throw out the expired items and donate the new and unopened items to a food pantry or food drive. You should be left with things that your family likes that are still within their sell-by date. Don’t put them away yet, though, because organization is coming.

Organize by Type and Date

Next, you’ll want to put all of the canned goods in a pile, the boxed foods, the bagged foods, condiments, etc in their own piles. For “one-off” items, but those in a mismatched pile together. After that, organize them by sell-by date, putting the ones that are going to expire soonest in the front. You’ll want to stock your shelves with the now-organized foods. For the ones that are in the mismatched pile, you can put those in a basket and put it on one of the shelves.

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