DealDash Kids: Rainy Day Activities


It’s raining, it’s pouring! Here are some fun activities to do with your kids when it’s a rainy day outside, from DealDash.

You as a parent are no doubt excited about summer coming along and all of the fun things that you can do outside with your kids. Unfortunately, with summer also comes the inevitable rainy day where you are your kids will be stuck inside feeling like there is nothing to do. Here are some rainy day activities that are perfect for smaller children, from DealDash.

Finger Painting Can be Fun

Finger painting is a super rainy day idea for small kids. Who cares how messy they get as you can put them in old clothes and cover the kitchen table and floor with newspapers? You can just let your kids just have at it and enjoy themselves. You can even have fun making your own finger paints to use for the project. 

My Daughter’s Favorite – PJ Day!

You could have the kids stay in their pajamas and have a camp out in the living room. In addition, can pop popcorn and watch their favorite movies and play games. You can even make a blanket tent for everyone and tell them stories in it. This is more fun with a flashlight, of course.

Puppets Might be Fun

If your kids enjoy stories you can make some puppets and put on a play. Not only is this fun to do it really lets your kids’ creativity shine through as they make their puppets and tell their stories. You can work all day on it and put on a play for your spouse when they get home. Now that’s entertainment!

Everyone Likes Playing Dress Up

Playing dress up is another fun thing that you can do on a rainy day with your kids as the possibilities are really endless. You can be anything from princesses to superheroes to cowboys. It is really all up to you.

Thanks for Reading

So if you feel stuck on a rainy day with your kids take some time to look into ideas like these and you can have a great time together without having to worry about what you are going to do.

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