DealDash Gets Your Lawn in Shape

Is your lawn looking a little shabby this June? No problem! DealDash is here to help you get your lawn into shape.

There are many things that you can do this summer to get your lawn into shape and help it look amazing. There are flowers to plant, lawns to seed and water, and lots of other small details. DealDash has some suggestions for you. Read on for some great information and tips on how to get your lawn looking great this June.

Get Your Lawn into Shape with Flowers

To start with, are you a fan of gardening? It’s time to plant those beautiful flowers that will make your lawn look so beautiful this year. Additionally, it is an excellent time to re-seed any patchy parts of your lawn. After you do this, make sure to water the grass seed daily until you see it start to sprout. For the best results, turn your sprinkler on in the late afternoon. Also, be sure to pull out any dead plants and bushes while you are planting your flowers. It will make your lawn look so much nicer.

How do you know when it’s the best time to plant certain flowers, fruits, and vegetables? The USDA has an extremely helpful chart. It will help you no matter where you live in the USA. Check it out! USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Lookup

Are Your Lawn Tools Ready for Summer?

Next, another important part of getting your lawn into shape this summer is to take care of your lawn tools. What sort of lawn tools are we talking about? Your mower, weed whacker, small gardening hand tools, etc. If repairs are needed on your mower or weed wacker, now is a perfect time to do them. Clean off your small hand tools for gardening, also your shovels, and any other big or small tools you use to take care of your lawn.

Additionally, have your hoses been sitting shed or the garage all winter? You will need to turn on your water supply to your outside spigots and set up your hoses and sprinklers. Also, be sure to hose off your deck furniture, your patio, your shed, and anything else that got a bit dirty during the winter.

New Summer Items from DealDash

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