DealDash Does March Chores

March Chores DealDash

Since we’re headed into spring there are chores that need to be done around the house. Here are some chores that you should be doing in March.

Being a homeowner is a lot of work! There are many chores and tasks that need to be done every season to keep your home and yard looking pristine and beautiful. Here are the items that you should be checking off of your chore list for March from DealDash.

Clean the Siding

If you have vinyl siding it can get dirty, dusty, and generally grimy. These things can fester on your siding and lead to mildew. Ew! March is the time to clean off that siding and make everything look fresh and clean for the Spring. Using a power washer is best, and you can get one from DealDash! You can also use a hose and a long-handled scrub brush, but believe me when I say that the power washer is the way to go.

Clean Out the Gutters

Spring and Fall are the times that you should be cleaning out your gutters. Now that it’s March it’s a great time to get working on that chore to get it out of the way. Be sure to remove leaves and other foliage debris that have accumulated over the winter. You wouldn’t want your gutters to overflow when the Spring showers start happening. Overflowing gutters and blocked downspouts can damage your home and cause mold and mildew.

Fix Up Your Lawn and Garden

As the temperatures rise it’s time to take care of your lawn and garden. Start by removing branches that have fallen during the winter and planted themselves on your lawn. Check for wayward stones, then use your lawn mower with a catch bag to gather up the dead leaves and twigs.

How’s your rose garden? For beautiful rose blooms, most landscaping gurus will tell you to prune your rose bushes just before the plant breaks dormancy and after the final frost. This takes place in mid-March for much of the country. Ask your local garden center if you’re not sure.

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Using a Pressure Washer - Craftsman with Steam Cleaner

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