DealDash: Is it Okay to Swim After a Meal?

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People have wondered for ages, is it okay to swim after a meal? DealDash does a little research on the matter.

Now that spring is here and summer is on its way, there will be a lot more swimming in your future. You might be wondering if it’s okay to swim right after eating. It’s a valid question – swimming immediately after lunch: yes or no? It’s very important to figure this out, especially when there are small children involved. Almost every mother wonders this when their child wants to go immediately back into the water after having a meal or snack. DealDash investigates down below.

What Do the Doctors Say?

It really necessary to wait for a swim to avoid the risk of an accident? According to the doctors, the rules are, both for children and adults, it is not inherently dangerous to swim right after eating, but it can cause some intense stomach cramps. These stomach cramps, in turn, could cause you some trouble in the water, especially if you are an inexperienced swimmer. The types of food that you eat or drink also makes a difference.

Heavy, fried foods and carbonated beverages are some of the worst culprits when it comes to stomach cramps. Therefore, there are some of the worst foods to eat before swimming. If you do insist on swimming directly after eating, try to stay away from these types of foods and stick with lighter fare such as fruits, veggies, or sandwiches.

Is It the Water?

There is no direct correlation between stomach cramps and water itself, the issue lies with exercising so soon after eating. Most people don’t try to run a mile or play a sport directly after eating a heavy meal, so people don’t usually make the association. And let’s be honest – if you have a stomach cramp when you are playing tennis it’s easy enough to just sit down for a bit. If you’re swimming in the ocean or in the deep end of a pool it’s not that easy to just take a quick break until the pain subsides.

If you want to hop right back in the water after eating, be smart about it. Stay in water that is no higher than waist deep. That way, if you happen to get a stomach cramp it’s easy enough to just stand up and walk to safety rather than being caught in deep water when the stomach cramps hit. If you are at the beach, be sure to just wade in a bit, and never go too deep right after eating. Be sure to watch your children very carefully if they swim after eating, and never let them go in the water too deep right after eating.

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