DealDash Pets: Your Cat Needs a Buddy


Cats typically “purrrrfer” to live with another cat. Read on for some ideas from DealDash to add a second cat to your household.

Did you know that a group of cats is called a “clowder”? And that’s how they like to live – with at least one other cat. This is especially true if there isn’t a person home most of the day. Cats are pack animals, as you might know from hearing about feral cat colonies. If you already obtained cats as kitten littermates, great! You don’t have this problem. However, if you only have one cat and later want to add a second one you might have a bit of an adjustment period. Here are some ideas from DealDash to ease the transition.

#1 – Add a Young Cat

To begin with, if you have a cat that’s older than a year or two, I suggest that you make your newest addition a kitten. Cats ordinarily feel less threatened by a kitten rather than an adult cat. In many situations, the older resident cat will take a young kitten in and treat it like it’s own baby. This is quite common if the older cat has had litters of her own before.

A word of warning, though – if you have a much older cat, say 8+, they might not accept a new cat in the home. You should consult your vet for advice if you are in this situation.

#2 – Confine the New One

Next, keeping the resident cat and the new one separated is the way to go. However, don’t keep the older cat confined – let them have the run of the house as usual while you keep the new one in a single area.

When I brought home my new kitten I kept her in a large bathroom with everything she needed for the first couple of days. I had a litter box, food, bed, and some toys waiting in the bathroom for her. This way the cats could both hear each other meow through the door and smell each other, but they weren’t in a situation they felt threatened by each other.

#3 – Meet For Dinner

When they actually meet each other for the first time, make sure it’s when they are both happy. This is usually at a meal! Of course, give each cat their own separate bowl of food. Be sure that the food bowls aren’t too close, though. This way the cats will be occupied with the food and less likely to get into a fight. If they ignore each other, great! However, if they seem likely to fight, you might want to put the new one back into their area and try again a little later.

#4 – Get Supplies From DealDash

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Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading and keep these suggestions in mind when you are looking to add a second cat to your home. This is so you know you are making the best choice not only for your new cat, but for your resident cat as well. I certainly hope that you found this DealDash article on adding a new cat to your family helpful.

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