DealDash Tips to Prepare an Engagement Party


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Here are some tips from DealDash for a memorable engagement party.

Getting engaged is an exciting experience. Your loved one has finally popped the question, and now it is time to celebrate. Throwing an engagement party to celebrate this big moment in your life is the best way to create memories. Everyone waits for that special time in their life when they are proposed to. Here are some tips to prepare for a memorable engagement party, from DealDash.

Figure out who is Hosting the Party

Usually the parents are the ones who host an engagement party but those rules are not set in stone. Almost anyone can plan and throw you an engagement party. Some suggestions are your friends, co-workers, or family. You don’t have to have a big crowd, but figuring out who is hosting the party will make the planning go smoothly.

Sometimes it’s better if a small group of people work together to throw you your party. If you have a couple of sisters and/or close female cousins you might want to choose them. Alternately, the siblings of the bride and the groom might like to work together to throw this party so they can get to know each other better. There’s really no wrong answer.

Invite People

The next step is to create a guest list and send invitations to them. It is best for you and your partner to make a list of who you want to invite. Once you have the list it is time to send invitations. You can choose to send fancy invitations or casual invitations. It depends on how much time you have before your party starts. You can make your invitations or you can send an e-invite. Many people nowadays prefer an e-invite because once they RSVP they can choose to have the e-invite log it into their online calendar.

Choose the location

Engagement parties can be big or small. You can have a low-key option such as having your engagement party at your parent’s house, or in the backyard. If you want to be a little fancier you can rent a private room for a dinner party. If you have many guests coming you can always rent a function room at a hotel, or even at a VFW hall.

Thanks for Reading

Preparing for an engagement party can seem stressful. These tips will help make the process much easier so you can have a good time with your friends and family. Remember to cherish this special moment of your engagement by throwing a memorable party that no one will forget.

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