DealDash’s Interesting Uses for Toothpaste


Other than cleaning your teeth, toothpaste has many uses. Read on for some interesting ways to use toothpaste, from DealDash.

Of course you brush your teeth with toothpaste, but there are dozens and dozens of other uses for the minty paste. Keep in mind that the uses that I am going to mention down below don’t need to be done with expensive toothpaste. Save the $5 per tube toothpaste for your teeth, and get the generic $1 type for these other uses. Some of these uses only take a small amount of toothpaste. You can use up that travel-sized toothpaste that your dentist gave you at your last appointment. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Clean Your Shoes

That’s right, toothpaste makes an excellent cleaner for the scuff marks on your shoes. When your white soled sneakers get those annoying black scuff marks, just whip out your tube of travel toothpaste and scrub those scuffs right off. You can use an old toothbrush or a q-tip to apply the toothpaste and scrub in a circular motion on the scuff.

Polish Your Jewelry

Before trying to polish your precious heirlooms with toothpaste, be sure to try a hidden spot first. You wouldn’t want to accidentally damage your grandma’s jewels! With that said, however, toothpaste can make an excellent jewelry cleaner. Just put a little bit on the jewelry, and rub in small, circular motions with a dry cloth. Rinse with cool, clear water afterward. Your jewelry should look bright, shiny, and new!

Fix Your Music and Movies

If you haven’t gone completely digital and still have CDs and DVDs laying around, you can fix their small scratches with toothpaste. Squeeze a small amount onto the scratched surface. Using a soft cloth, rub the toothpaste over the entire CD, moving the cloth in circles. FInally, wipe any leftover toothpaste off with a damp cloth.

Help Minor Burns

This isn’t meant for major burns, of course, but if you have a small burn you can use toothpaste to take the sting out. Just smooth on a thin layer of toothpaste and your burn will be feeling better in no time. I find this little trick to be effective on my accidental burns I’ve gotten by touching the toaster oven as I’m trying to get the tray out. I should really be more careful. Until then, I’ll be using toothpaste on my minor burns.

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