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Discovering New Products on

DealDash egg cooker reviewTechnology changes so quickly these days that it is difficult to keep up on the greatest and latest new gadgets available in the marketplace that are designed to save time and make our lives easier.

However, the team in charge of selecting products does a super great job of keeping up with it. That is one of the things I like most about shopping on

I not only find nearly anything I need or want on the site, but I often see new and interesting products that I did not even know existed. Even when I am not shopping, I still enjoy opening up the DealDash home page to look for new items that I might need or want to give to a friend or family member as a gift.

One of my favorite products I found on that I use often is a chicken that takes all the guess-work out of knowing when my boiled eggs are done. I ended up doing a Buy-It-Now on that item, but I am so happy that I found it. Another new product I recently discovered on, which I did not win yet but still hope to win, is the cordless, electric lawn mower. I have been looking for a mower that would be easy to start so I do not strain my back, and that one might be what I need.

Some other products I discovered on that I already won are the Barska Hidden Book Safe, a 4-piece glow-in-the-dark non-slip mat set for my front porch steps, the WristAid Ergonomic Mouse Pad (which I love because I am on my computer several hours a day), the Conair facial sauna system, and the Vinotemp Alcohol Breath Tester keychain. I never drink and drive myself, but I give that keychain to people I know who may like to know when they are over the legal limit of alcohol to drive safely, perhaps it could save the lives of innocent sober drivers who share the same roads.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is on Level 41 and has won 459 auctions.