DealDash Plans a Winter Vacation

When it’s cold and snow is on the ground at home it’s nice to go on a warm getaway. Why not make a plan to get away?

Winter is a great time to take a vacation. It’s cold outside and you don’t want to go any further than your backyard, so it may be the perfect time for a winter getaway! But when you plan your trip in the winter, there are some things that need more planning and packing than others. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps that will help ensure you have everything you need  — Read full post

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DealDash Travel: Make Your Next Vacay Camping


Camping is fun and much less expensive than a hotel. Here are some ideas from DealDash to get you excited about camping!

With summertime just about here, you are likely considering taking a vacation. If you are looking for a great idea for a vacation you should consider camping as your next vacation choice. There are many great reasons that you should choose camping for your next vacation including the following ideas from DealDash.

So Much Variety!

You will have a lot of variety with camping. You just may be tired of going to a hotel when you go on  — Read full post


MORE DealDash Budget Tips for Frugal Road Trips


School will be out in a few weeks, and it’s a great time to plan a road trip. Here are some tips from DealDash to stay on budget and have fun.

Everyone needs a break once and awhile, and with summer coming up it is the perfect time to take a trip. Instead of taking the average train or airplane, you should stick to your family car. A road trip will allow you to create a trip of a lifetime. You would also see the country and the beautiful scenery at a slower pace. ¬†Going on a road trip does  — Read full post


DealDash Explores Myrtle Beach, SC

DealDash Myrtle Beach

Have you ever taken a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC? It’s not just for golfers anymore. Let’s explore with DealDash.

Growing up in Wilmington, NC was great, because so many nice vacation spots were just a short car ride away. One of these spots is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Just 1.5 short hours from where I grew up lies miles of beautiful beaches, a boardwalk with an amazing ferris¬†wheel that has enclosed seats with AC(!), a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, multiple haunted houses, and so much more. Here are a few fun things to do in Myrtle  — Read full post