DealDash Cleans – Make it Quick!


Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, so let’s get it out of the way! DealDash is here with some tips to clean things quickly yet effectively.

Let’s face it, after taking care of the family, homeschooling, and possibly even working at home, no parent wants to spend a huge amount of their free time cleaning the house. This is especially true nowadays with the rest of the things that you simply have to do. Here are some speed cleaning tips to assist busy parents to get their home looking great in no time flat. Read on for some suggestions from DealDash.

Break Up the Tasks

First, if you have large tasks that need to be done, don’t fret. Simply break up the chores into steps that are done over a few days. You’ll find that it appears that the work goes much faster. This is especially true if some of the steps can be handed out as chores to one of the kids or your spouse! Big tasks often get ignored and set aside when people are overwhelmed with too many things to do during the day. The longer you ignore a cleaning task the worse it becomes. So don’t ignore it, just break it up into smaller tasks.

Make a Schedule

Second, everyone has reoccurring cleaning tasks that need to be done. Developing a checklist of things that are done daily and weekly is a good way to be sure they are done and not overlooked. Just come up with a schedule including each task and stick to it. You’ll find that your home is much cleaner. You can download many different free apps to help you with this task. You can also use old fashioned pen and paper – it’s up to you!

Attempt to Clean as You Go

Next, if you’re able, cleaning as you go is actually the simplest speed cleaning tip. One of the best cleaning tips that I have ever read was to give the bathroom a very quick cleaning once each day after using it. Keep a box of disposable cleaning wipes in a handy spot. I just keep mine on top of the toilet under my tissue box.

After using the bathroom then take a cleaning wipe and wipe down the faucet and then the sink. Next, get another wipe and use it on the counter and the outside of the toilet. You can finish up with a quick swipe of the toilet brush and ta-daa! Your bathroom is clean! You can schedule a more in-depth cleaning for another time, but this daily cleaning will help keep things sparkling for much longer. Bonus tip: If you have multiple bathrooms, use a different one each time so they all get a daily “quick cleaning”.

Stock Your Supplies – DealDash Has You Covered

Finally, I know it can be difficult during these times, but it’s important to keep your cleaning supplies stocked. You want to always have the right cleaning materials available when you need them. There are few things more frustrating than having the time to clean and not having the materials available that you need.

If you need supplies to help you clean such as a vacuum, carpet cleaner, or even a power washer, DealDash can help! You will find all of the cleaning tools mentioned above, and more, at this link right here. Having the right cleaning tools makes the job easier. Be sure to check DealDash first when you need a new cleaning accessory.

Thanks for Reading

These cleaning tips and suggestions to quickly clean your home. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on cleaning quickly. When you are a busy parent cleaning your home can seem like an insurmountable task. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a clean home in no time!

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