DealDash Crafts with String and Rope


Crafting is fun but supplies can be expensive. Let’s try crafting with string or rope. Read on for more information from DealDash.

If you are looking for some fun and inexpensive crafts to do with your kids this summer consider using rope or string. There are many different crafts you can do with these items including the following, from DealDash.

Make a Rug – Fun and Functional

You can create a fun looking rug that could be used anywhere in the house. You could use rope to do so. Colorful is fun, so you can use a variety of different colors of rope. Alternately, you could use one single color. All you have to do is continue to form the rope into the shape that you are looking to make while hot gluing it together. These rugs are very sturdy and can be used anywhere in the house that you like.

Pencil Holders or Vases

Another thing that you could do with rope or string is to decorate empty cans. You can make anything from pencil holders to a place to plant a flower or some herbs. Again you just have to wrap the rope or string around the can while hot gluing it together. You can make a lot of different looks depending on the type of string or rope that you are using.

Make a Nautical Trash Can

If you are looking to add some interest to the trash cans around your home you can wrap rope around them. This will give them a cool nautical feel. You would follow the same steps as you would doing this with a can.

Macrame is Making a Comeback

Another rather simple craft that you can do with rope and string is called macrame. Macrame is the process of making knots in order to make things like pot holders. You and your children can even make bracelets using thin string. You have a lot of choices with this craft and you can find a lot of patterns on the internet.

Thanks for Reading

As you can see there are all kinds of things that you can do with rope or string that will help keep kids busy for an afternoon. The great part is you can make these awesome crafts very inexpensively.

If you need any crafting supplies including rope or string you can get them at your local big box store. DealDash has gift cards to Wal-Mart which is an excellent place to get your crafting supplies.

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