Use a DealDash Cleaning Strategy This Year

Maintaining a clean living space is essential, sometimes it can be challenging to find the time. Imagine being able to keep your home tidy without dedicating hours and hours to it.

As December concludes, it’s the perfect opportunity to reassess and introduce new habits for the new year. Often, we overlook small daily actions that impact our home’s appearance and ambiance. Clutter, for instance, might go unnoticed until someone else brings it up. It’s easy to become “blind” to the clutter in your home that you see every day. Just picture the refreshing feeling of a well-organized home. Keep reading, and DealDash will share some effective cleaning strategies, aiming to help you organize your home effectively. Let’s go!

Cleaning Strategy #1Put It Away ASAP

Start with immediate actions. For example, in your living room, ensure everything is in its rightful place – and put things away ASAP. Store blankets properly, keep shoes by the door, and hang coats rather than draping them over furniture. A little effort each day goes a long way in maintaining cleanliness. Avoid letting clutter accumulate, and you won’t have more clutter to put away!

Also, encourage your family members to participate. Assign everyone the task of organizing their belongings daily. This includes neatly arranging shoes, hanging jackets, and properly storing backpacks after school.

Cleaning Strategy #2 – Kitchen Cleaning is Key

Focus on the kitchen next. The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families. Given its importance, keeping the kitchen neat is crucial. Beyond dishwashing and food storage, it’s vital to regularly clean surfaces like countertops, cabinets, stovetops, and sinks. A simple, eco-friendly cleaning solution is a mixture of white vinegar and water, it’s safe for children and pets.

Don’t forget to clean appliances like the microwave, which can be effortlessly cleaned with heated vinegar. Healthline offers excellent insights on vinegar-based cleaning solutions suitable for various household uses. Additionally, you will find other natural and less toxic cleaning ideas. Check it out!

Cleaning Strategy #3 – Visit DealDash

DealDash not only offers great deals but also has a range of cleaning, storage, and organizational items. Consider using containers for laundry, shelves for books, and other items to organize and also to prevent clutter. One of the great things about bidding on items on DealDash is that if you end up not winning the item you can just hit the BIN (Buy It Now) button, pay the listed price, and get all of your bids back that you used on that auction. For example, if you’re sure that you want to get a vacuuming and mopping robot, then bidding on DealDash is the smart solution. If you don’t win, you can always BIN!

For floor cleaning, DealDash recommends the Roborock S7 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, a top-notch vacuum and mopping robot that simplifies floor maintenance.

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