DealDash Crafts a Spooktacular Halloween

Elevate your Halloween this season with handmade and crafted costumes and decorations. There’s a spooky chill in the air, let’s have some fun!

October has crept up on us, and the ghostly winds of Halloween are already whistling through the trees. It’s time to prepare for a night of spooky fun with imaginative costumes and eerie decorations that will have the whole neighborhood talking! Craft up a storm this Halloween with these suggestions from DealDash.

Costume Ideas for Craft Lovers

Classic With a Twist:

The Mummified Flapper: Instead of a traditional mummy, envision a 1920s flapper enwrapped in aged, tea-stained bandages. Complete the look with a feathered headband, glamorous makeup, and pearls peeking through your wrappings.

DIY and Dragons

Cardboard Dragon: Craft a mythical dragon costume using painted cardboard, with majestic wings and a fearsome mask. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows for personalization in colors and design.

Bubble Bath

Inflate white balloons and attach them to your clothing using safety pins to resemble bubbles. Wear a shower cap and optionally carry a rubber duck for added effect.


Wear green clothing. Twist white pipe cleaners into “V” shapes and attach them sporadically to mimic thorns. For an extra touch, create a flower using colored felt and attach it to a headband.

Crafty Decoration Ideas

Haunted Garden

Glowing Eyes in Bushes: Cut out eye shapes from toilet paper rolls, place glow sticks inside, and hide them among your garden bushes. The glowing eyes staring from the darkness will create an eerie effect to spook passersby.

Window Silhouettes

Spooky Shapes: Craft chilling silhouettes of witches, cats, or ghosts from black construction paper or cardboard. Place them in your windows, backlit by your indoor lights, to create spooky scenes that dance in the night.

Floating Apparitions

Hanging Ghosts: Create ethereal ghosts using lightweight fabric like tulle or cheesecloth draped over balloons or foam heads. Suspend them from trees or your porch for an otherworldly display.

Party Craft Ideas

Ghostly Banquet

Transform your dining area into a spectral feast with a vintage tablecloth, dim lighting, and translucent fabric. Set the table with antique-looking dishes, candles, and ghostly chair covers, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a haunted mansion’s dining room.

Check your local thrift store if you’re low on “antique” looking supplies. Bonus: Most of them already come “pre-tarnished”! My favorite go-to thrift store is Savers. They are found in 29 states in the USA and also in Canada.

Spiders’ Lair

With stretchable cobwebs and an army of plastic spiders, turn a corner of your home into a creepy crawly nest. Incorporate larger, homemade spiders using foam balls and pipe cleaners to up the fear factor. You don’t need to find a Halloween store just for the cobwebs, either. If you have someone in your home who likes to sew or quilt, you can use the batting that goes inside a quilt, pillow, or stuffed animal as a spooky cobweb substitute.

Potion Laboratory

Convert your kitchen or a table into a witch’s brewing station with colored water in glass jars, old books, and a cauldron. If you don’t have a pot big enough to use as a cauldron, you can typically find plastic ones sold as bowls for handing out Halloween candy. Label the jars with names of magical ingredients for that extra touch of fantasy.

DealDash Has Halloween and Party Supplies

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Thanks for Reading

With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of DIY spirit, preparing for Halloween becomes a fun project to prepare for the enchanting night ahead. These unique costume and decoration ideas are not just conversation starters, but also projects that can involve the whole family, turning preparation into its own celebration. Get started now, and craft a Halloween experience the whole family will love. Be sure to visit DealDash for all of your costume and decorating needs this spooky Halloween season. Thanks so much for reading, and happy bidding everyone!

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