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People of all ages are playing video games now, it’s not just for kids! What will you do about video game storage? DealDash can help.

Years ago, video games were mostly for kids, teens, and young adults. Now that there are games out for people of all ages to enjoy, you might want to keep your console and games on display. Instead of being in the basement or kid’s room, you can use these ideas from DealDash to think of some creative video game storage solutions.

Video Game Storage: DealDash Has Wall Units

Firstly, if you have a smaller home and space is at a premium, consider using wall storage for your video games. Instead of stacking up your games on your TV stand or even (gasp!) on the floor, why not get a wall unit from DealDash? You can find differently sized wall shelving units and use them for storing your game cases. The great thing about a solution like this is you can add other units later if you get more games. You can also store video game-related items on them such as controllers, travel cases, Amiibo figures, and maybe even Funko Pops of your favorite video game characters. You can find wall units in different sizes and colors on DealDash.

Use Bookends for Video Game Storage

Next, if you only have a few games, then using bookends can be a great solution. For example, I only have around 6-7 physical video games, most of mine are digital downloads. However, I still want to store and display my few game cases nicely. So, instead of just sticking them in a box or tossing them behind my console, they are perfect to put on a shelf or mantle with bookends on each side. Bookends come in a huge variety from cute little kids’ designs all the way through fancy gold and silver ones. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find bookends that complement your style. DealDash has some adorable ones, be sure to browse the bookends.

Video Game Storage for Visual Learners

Finally, sometimes storage ideas are hard to visualize. This is why I made a Pinterest board and pinned some video game storage ideas that I thought were interesting. If you are more of a visual learner, then you should check out this Pinterest board for some fun ideas. You will find some fun set-ups that you can use to figure out exactly how you would like to store your games creatively.

Thanks for Reading

Keep these suggestions in mind when you want to re-do your video game storage. Using these quick ideas will make your home look put-together with a splash of fun. Thanks for reading the newest blog article. I hope that you found this DealDash article on creative video game storage helpful.

If you need shelving and home decor items with free shipping DealDash can help. Check out the wall units and shelving today. Have fun and happy bidding everyone!


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