DealDash Essential Items for Back to School Shopping


It’s time for back to school shopping! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pencils and paper to bring back memories of school days. Here are a few essential supplies, from DealDash.

It is almost time for kids to go back to school. Some kids are excited to go, and some may be dreading going back to school. This, of course, is due to homework and not being able to hang out with friends. Every year millions of parents go back to school shopping with their kids. Going back to school shopping can be a little hectic if you don’t know what to shop for. Here are a few essential items for back to school shopping, as suggested by DealDash.

A Cool Backpack (Maybe Even from DealDash!)

Having a backpack is necessary for going back to school. Your children need a place to put their pens, pencils, papers, and books. There are many different styles of backpacks that you can choose from. You can buy a cartoon character backpack or just a plain one with a lot of sections in it. Regardless of which backpack you choose; it will help keep your kid’s school supplies in one place.

This is definitely an item that you will want to have your child’s input on. Having a backpack with something they like will bring a smile to their face on the first day of school. You can get a backpack at your local mass-market store, or online. You can even win (or BIN) a backpack auction from DealDash! There are different colors and styles to choose from. To see the different choices on DealDash, just click here!

New Paper and Pencils

Your child needs something to write on and to write with when your kids go back to school. Having plenty of pencils and paper will help your child be prepared for any projects or homework that may be assigned to them. You can buy pencils and paper from mass merchandise stores or even the dollar store if you are on a tight budget. Older kids will also want ink pens. Did you know that DealDash has pens? Of course, the pens that are available for auction are classier than a kid needs, but they would make an excellent teacher gift. Just click here and you will find the pen selection.

Fun Lunch Box

If you have young kids, having a lunch box is essential. Some kids do not like cafeteria food, so it is good to buy some lunch boxes to keep your child’s lunch nice and fresh. You can buy a thermal lunch box or a lunch box with your kid’s favorite tv show characters or games. This is another item that you should let your child pick for themselves. By letting them make some of the decisions they will be eager to go back to class.

Thanks for Reading

 I hope that you found this DealDash article on taking your kids school shopping helpful. Going back to school is something that all kids have to do. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on school supplies if you have a tight budget. There are discount stores that have school supplies for an affordable price. These three essential items for back to school shopping will help your child be ready for their first day of school.

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