DealDash Kids: TV in Their Bedroom?


With Christmas coming next month, you might be wondering if you should get your child a TV for their bedroom. Read on for some tips from DealDash to make your decision.

The place in the home where children watch TV or play video games seems a minor detail, but it’s not. When the device is in their bedroom, it increases the risk of obesity and increases the likelihood that their school performance will be lower. Still thinking about getting your child a TV for their bedroom? Read on for more information from DealDash.

TV in the Bedroom = More TV Watching

This, which may seem like an intuitive truth to us, has been tested for the first time in a scientific study by researchers at the University of Iowa. According to the study, children who have a television in their room spend less time reading, sleeping or participating in other activities. This, unfortunately, has a domino effect on other aspects of their lives. As a result, they have poorer school performance and an increased risk of obesity.

You might think that if you already offer children unrestricted access to the TV in the living room they would watch the same amount. However, this is not correct, according to the study. They are much more likely to watch TV for hours on end if it’s in their bedroom but become more easily distracted from it when the TV is in one of the common rooms.

The Content Matters

In addition, with television in their room, the content to which children have access is beyond their parents’ control. Most children watch more violent programs or play violent games than children who watch TV or play games in a common room. This can be avoided on all televisions by turning on the parental controls, of course.

It’s Easier to Say No First

Previous studies have measured the time children spend in front of a screen, a figure that continues to rise. Now that more and more children and teenagers have a digital device at their fingertips or even their very own property, that time increases more rapidly and with it its effects. The contents they see and also what they stop doing, such as playing sports, board games, or reading.

For many parents, limiting the time and content their children watch or play on TV is a real battle. Although not a definitive solution, the study authors recommend keeping this device out of the bedrooms. This will always be easier than removing them once they have entered. “It may be a short-term battle, but it will benefit children over time.” Remember, it’s a lot easier to say “No” at first than to try to remove the television later on if they are making bad decisions.

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