DealDash Kids: 4 Rainy Day Activities

How many times has it happened to you where the rain ruins your plans for the day? The kids are bored and whining, and there’s nothing fun to do inside.

Well, this post is here to help! There will always be rainy days that require indoor activities, which is why I created a list of four different kid-friendly activities that will keep them occupied on those wet days (and nights). Read on for some fun suggestions, from DealDash.

Rainy Day Dance Party

First, is there anything more fun than a dance party? Maybe – but I still think that your kids will enjoy a rainy day dance party in your living room. It’s a great way to let them burn off some energy, and it’ll be fun for you too! If they’re getting

tired of dancing, just put on their favorite tunes as background noise. For extra added fun, you can put on YouTube videos and try to copy the dances. You can even put on some videos from your youth and introduce them to some “vintage” dances.

Upgraded Board Games

Next, if your kids are love playing with board games all day long, then this one is right up your alley! For even more excitement try updating those classic games – think Monopoly or checkers. You can use stickers from the dollar store to make pieces stand out a little bit more than usual (like cars instead of houses) so that they stay interested in how much longer until the game ends. Or if possible try using different shaped chips/players/dice so that things feel new again.

You can even try making your own board game from scratch! Make a grid on some paper, and have them draw pictures of what they want to move forward. Be sure to make it extra fun by adding in obstacles or even having the pieces go backward sometimes! You can keep things really interesting if you borrow ideas from other board games – like using cards for Monopoly, etc.

Rainy Day Journaling

If your kids are a little bit older but still find themselves bored when there is a rainy day outside, then why not encourage them to start a journal? It doesn’t have to be a “diary” with their private thoughts, it can be a journal of anything they like – their favorite sports athletes and scores, a nature journal of the shells, rocks, and leaves they have collected, or an art journal of things they would like to draw, sketches, or tracings of different items.

The Washington Post has an excellent article detailing why it’s a good idea for kids to have a journal. It also has some ideas on how to help them get started.

Sibling Sleepover (DealDash Can Help)

Finally, another fun rainy day activity that my kids enjoy is a sibling sleepover! It’s just like having a sleepover with a friend, but better because they don’t even have to pack a bag. All they need is a sleeping bag and pillow, and you can even make it extra special by letting them sleep in the living room, or the bedroom of their choice. They can build couch forts, and you can order pizza and pop popcorn to watch with a movie. It’s all of the great parts of a sleepover, just with family.

DealDash has lots of items that can make your sibling sleepover a success. You will find fancy home popcorn poppers, air beds, and sleeping bags to up the fun factor by 10 at your next sleepover.

Thanks for Reading

I hope that this article gave you some fun ideas to implement next time you need some fun to fill a rainy day with your kids. Try these four ideas next time the kids are home and complaining about being bored because they can’t go outside and play in the yard or ride their bikes. Thanks for reading the newest DealDash article.

Sleepovers (even sibling ones) can be made more fun with help from DealDash. Get nightlights, sleeping bags, and sheet sets from DealDash. Get all of these items and more in the Home, Garden, and Tools category today. Have a wonderful day, and have fun on DealDash, everyone!

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