DealDash Pets: Choosing the Right Cat Toy

This is the wrong toy for your cat!

Having a cat or kitten is a lot of fun. They are playful and love toys. Choosing the right toy for your cat can be an adventure. Read on for some ideas to help you select the right toy, from DealDash.

In this blog article, we will explore new ideas and thoughts that may help you accomplish your goal – selecting a great toy for your cats. There are many different categories of toys to choose from. Read on for some ideas from DealDash to choose an awesome kitty toy.

What do Baby Kittens Like?

If you have a small kitten, then they need a small toy. A toy meant for bigger cats could scare and overwhelm a small kitty. Toys like small, soft fabric mice and little jingly rolling balls can be a good choice.

Toys for Adolescent and Adult Cats

However what toys are best for cats? The following are suggestions and handy recommendations will help you find that perfect toy.

Safety First

The great thing about cats is that they can play ball inside the house. Unlike kids, they don’t typically cause any damage by playing ball! Unfortunately, there may be things inside the house that felines might find appealing yet might actually endanger their safety. As much as you can, take away any string, yarn, needles, rubber bands or other items that could quickly be swallowed by felines. This also includes hair ties! One of my kitties loves to try to eat hair ties, so I have to keep mine and my daughter’s in a bag so kitty can’t get them.

Softies Make Great Toys

Choose soft toys that can quickly be machine-washed. It is best that the toys picked to be played with by felines are toys marked as safe to be played with by children below three years of age. Toys such as these generally include fillings that are not harmful and plastic parts that can’t be chewed off.

You Know Your Feline Best

You are your cat’s mommy or Daddy, and you know them best. Think about what their favorite things are right now, and try to find ones that are similar. Doing so assists in one’s selection of the kind of plaything that your baby likes. Think about what kind of activity the cat likes and its special preferences. For example, does your kitty like to chase a laser pointer? Why not get them an automated one? You can turn it on and it will amuse your cat for as long as she likes!

Active Kitties Need Active Toys

Toys that are excellent to play with for felines are usually the round plastic ones (such as rings from shower curtains, plastic balls, golf balls, ping-pong balls) as these offer felines the chance to chase and paw around. They might also carry these in their mouths, so ensure though that these are big enough they can not be swallowed. Sometimes my cat will even play fetch with these types of toys!.

Another basic yet reliable plaything for felines is a paper bag. Use paper bags that do not have handles. My cat has gotten her head stuck in the handles too many times, now I cut them off before I give them to the cats to play with. These bags are good for pouncing around. Felines conceal themselves in them too, like a cave. Do not use the plastic ones, as felines have the propensity to chew these and they might eat the plastic.

Toys with Tails

Cats like playing with soft toy animals. Their favorites are the ones that have tails. They either bite them, paw them, or throw these toys around. It is best if these toys are somewhere between the size of the cat’s head or about half of their body.

Catnip for Kitties

Catnip is in some cases used as stuffing for toys that are soft. Putting catnip in such toys make the toys more pleasurable to carry, throw, and kick around. It is safe for felines to chew on, roll around in, or eat. My older cat’s absolute favorite toy is a stuffed fish with catnip inside. She carries it around in her mouth and loves to play with it.

Cat owners can place catnip on carpeted floors, or (to make clean-up easy) on towels. There are now catnip oils that can be placed on carpets, and they usually stay there. There are also containers that have liquid bubbles with catnip in them, you can use a wand to blow them. Although small felines, specifically kittens who are younger than 6 months, have revealed a particular type of immunity to catnip. So don’t bother with the catnip toys until your kitten is half-grown.

All in all, it is best that feline owners define what kind of toy must be played by their felines. Cats can quickly tire of seeing the same fluffy toy animal once again and once again. If cats show a particular liking to a particular toy, let them play with it, or sleep with it – whichever they like.

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