DealDash’s Skincare Suggestions


Being stuck in the house can have it’s positives – a little more time for self-care! Here are some skincare suggestions from DealDash.

I know it’s hard to be stuck in the house, but try and look on the bright side. You have a little extra time in the day that you can use for self-care. Your skin is probably dull from the winter weather. Get your skin dewy and glowing with these suggestions from DealDash.

Rejuvenate and Exfoliate With Help From DealDash

Your skin is most likely still dry and dull from the winter weather. It’s not a problem, you just need to exfoliate that dead skin away. You can do this with a facial brush, exfoliator, or even sonic facial tool. Don’t use one of those crushed apricot seed cleaners, they can cause damage to delicate skin. Instead, use a sonic face cleanser with a non-exfoliating gentle face wash.

A sonic face cleanser can easily rid you of dry and dull skin on your face or body. DealDash carries sonic face cleansers and often has them up for auction. You can find them alone or in a bundle package. You need a get a sonic facial brush and fix your dull winter skin. Be sure to click right here and check out the auctions on DealDash.

Use a Lighter Moisturizer

In the winter, many people use a heavier moisturizer. We are past the harsh winter weather, it’s time to use a lighter moisturizer. When you use a heavier moisturizer than your skin needs it can clog pores and make your skin not look its best. There’s no need for a heavy night cream in the spring and summer unless you have extremely dry skin. Using a lighter moisturizer can help your skin look dewy and radiant in the spring and summer.

Don’t Forget Your SPF if You Leave Home

Most of us are staying inside due to social distancing, but having to leave the house to get food is inevitable. When you step outside, be sure to apply at least a 30 SPF before you leave the house. You might already be wearing a daytime moisturizer that includes SPF. Check to see what the SPF rating is, and be sure that it’s at least 30. If it is lower, then put on a separate SPF before you go out.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on skincare in the spring. Use these suggestions and your skin will be looking great in no time! Don’t forget to check back every day for new articles here.

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