It’s August – Let’s Clean and Organize!


Can you believe it’s already August? Let’s start the month off right with some cleaning and organizing. Follow these tips from DealDash.

Now that we are in August, we have just one more month of summer. It’s a wonderful time to continue to get your home clean and organized before the kids are back doing schoolwork, either at home or in the classroom. Here are a few ideas that can help you get clean and organized in August.

Use the Basket System

Firstly, we all know that it’s much easier to get your home clean and organized if it isn’t a huge mess already. It can really slow you down when you have to deal with things that are either trash that needs to be thrown out or things that are in the totally wrong place like a toothbrush in the living room.

Using the basket system makes cleaning and organizing a much easier task. Simply have a basket/bin/tote in each room. When you come across something that shouldn’t be in that room, toss it in the basket. Once per week, you can distribute the things from the basket into the correct places. The basket system can also help if you have a child (or spouse!) who is constantly asking you if you have “seen their _____”. You can tell them to check the baskets and perhaps they will find the item they are looking to find. 

Don’t Make the Same Old Mistakes

Secondly, humans are creatures of habit, but you should try to avoid making the same old cleaning mistakes that you have made before. For example, most homes that I have been in have a ridiculous amount of food storage. These can be old (clean) take-out containers, containers with lids that were sent home with leftovers inside, etc. In most cases, these are in a jumbled mess in a cabinet, since they came from different places they are all different sizes and none of the lids are interchangeable.

Stop keeping these old containers! I know it’s tempting to keep them because they were free and are reusable, but you are just adding them to the mess in your cabinet. Figure out how many containers and lids that you would like to keep, and then get rid of the rest. You can recycle them, use them to hold small supplies in the garage, just get them out of the kitchen. After you are down to your desired number of containers, don’t save any more.

DealDash Has Home Decor and Organization

Finally, organizing and cleaning doesn’t mean that you can’t get new items for your home. You just need to figure out exactly how you want to decorate and organize your home and make it happen.

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Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading this article on Cleaning and organizing in August. Hopefully, some of these suggestions are helpful for you and you can implement them in your cleaning and organizing schedule. Be sure to check out our other articles in this series.

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