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DealDash: Fit Some Extra Fitness into Your Day


Since we are all home now it’s a great time to fit a little extra fitness into your day! DealDash has some ideas to get you started.

Feeling stressed about the current situation is to be expected, and when many people are stressed they turn to food (usually carbs) for comfort. If you are doing a lot of comfort eating you should look for ways to add some extra fitness into your day.  Here are a few simple ways, from DealDash.

Get a Whole Body Workout

First, fitting extra fitness into your life is a great idea – especially if  — Read full post


DealDash Health: The Quarantine Fifteen


You might have heard of the “Quarantine Fifteen” – referring to how easy it is to pick up extra weight when you are home all the time. Read this article and get a few tips on staying fit at home. 

If you are like many Americans, you are trying to avoid picking up extra weight while social distancing. You might be unsure of where to start, so here are some quick ways from DealDash to keep fit even while working from home next to the fridge.

Protein Is Key

Firstly, be sure that you are eating protein at each meal,  — Read full post

Fitness Health

DealDash Helps Work on Your Fitness at Home


Staying at home doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your fitness routine. You just have to adjust it. Here are some suggestions from DealDash to help.

Everyone nowadays is looking for ways in which they can improve their overall wellness and health without going to the gym or doing group activities. There are so many different things that can be done at home or outdoors by yourself to get into better shape and feel great. Here are some simple things that you can do to work on your fitness, from DealDash.

Sleep is Imperative

When we are  — Read full post

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DealDash’s Skincare Suggestions


Being stuck in the house can have it’s positives – a little more time for self-care! Here are some skincare suggestions from DealDash.

I know it’s hard to be stuck in the house, but try and look on the bright side. You have a little extra time in the day that you can use for self-care. Your skin is probably dull from the winter weather. Get your skin dewy and glowing with these suggestions from DealDash.

Rejuvenate and Exfoliate With Help From DealDash

Your skin is most likely still dry and dull from the winter weather. It’s not a  — Read full post


DealDash: Can’t Go to the Gym? Use an App


Many gyms have shut down due to social distancing. You don’t need a gym to stay fit! Simply use a fitness app. Read this article for information from DealDash.

If your city or town has shut most things down to social distancing, it’s not a problem to stay fit, you don’t really need to use the gym. Nowadays you can just download an app to your phone and begin getting (or staying) fit. Read this article from DealDash to see the benefits of using a fitness app.

Simple to Use

Firstly, fitness apps are mostly self-explanatory and easy to use.  — Read full post