DealDash’s Super Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone


Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Read on for some stocking stuffer ideas from DealDash.

Many families have a tradition of hanging stockings up for Christmas and a stocking wouldn’t be complete without having a few small gifts and candy inside. Below are some stocking stuffer ideas for everyone, from DealDash.

Cute Ideas for Kids

We’ve found that offering small toys are always a hit. Try using something out of the ordinary – putty, a yoyo, a Rubik’s Cube. Try to add some things that kids don’t seem to get a hold of much these days.

Our family also offers up favorite candies. This is something that’s simple to plan out but still allows the chance to make it a unique gift. When each child gets their favorite candy bar, it reminds them that you’re paying attention to the details. It can also be fun to add some candies that they don’t see very often. Try shopping at your local Asian grocery store or the “World” section at your supermarket.



  • Makeup and/or Nail polish
  • Skincare
  • Face mask
  • Bath bombs
  • Body lotion

Our family has made it a point to remind the girls about the importance of self-care and encourage treating themselves to an at-home spa day. However, not all girls are into the “girly” stuff. You could substitute a new sketchbook, some Sharpies, a Funko figurine, or a special Christmas ornament with one of their hobbies depicted.


  • Cards (Pokemon, Magic, card game)
  • Books or Magazines
  • Small gift card for a new app or a few MP3s


Our family has also developed traditions. Rather than offering the world’s coolest gadget, we focus on building a tradition. This might be a coin from a special place or something from the year they were born. These things are more about the thought than the gift itself.


  • Power Block (mobile phone charger)
  • Gloves
  • Gift Cards
  • Higher-end pens
  • Swiss Army Knife

Something everyone can use

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Socks
  • Phone accessories – case and/or car holder
  • Netflix/Hulu subscriptions
  • A good gag gift to make them laugh

Thanks for Reading

Our family makes it a point to stuff stockings with gifts that people want, but that we (the gifters) would feel isn’t a very good gift. We can all use a new pair of socks, but who wants socks to be their main Christmas gift? Adding in the option of a gag gift is always fun as well. We love to make each other laugh when opening gifts.  Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on stocking stuffers. I hope that it was helpful to you.

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