DealDash Presents 3 Fun Vacations for Families


If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to go on a family vacation, no problem. Read this article for suggestions from DealDash.

 In life, we are always on the go. Between going to work and dropping off your kids at school, it can be hard to spend time with your family. Once in a while, it is good to take a family vacation. If you have kids they may not always be receptive to going on a vacation. That is why when you are planning a family vacation you have to keep your children in mind. Here are three fun vacation spots for kids, from DealDash.

Winter Haven, Florida

Florida has to be one of the most exciting vacation spots to go to. There are a lot of Florida vacation spots, but few are suitable for kids, other than the ultra-popular (and ultra-packed and expensive) ones. Winter Haven is child-friendly because of their wonderful attraction called Lego Land. Lego Land is a water and theme park. There are rides, roller coasters, and other kid-friendly activities that will keep your kids occupied. Lego Land also has plenty of rides and spots that will keep you cool from the Florida heat. Legoland is a great option for your kids.

Anaheim, California

Anaheim California is a beautiful place to go to for vacation.  The biggest attraction for kids in Anaheim is Disneyland. There are rides for everyone, tasty foods, and you can meet Disney Characters. You can also go to adventure city in Anaheim if you are looking for something smaller.

Anaheim has excellent weather, year-round. If you’re looking for a place that’s just as beautiful in February as it is in June, then check out Anaheim. There are many popular beaches that are close to Anaheim that you might want to check out such as Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and Seal Beach. If your kids love to go to the beach, then Anaheim might just be the vacation spot for your family.

Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the perfect vacation spot for kids.  It has plenty of events and attractions that are free. You can go to museums such as the Smithsonian, and you can see historical landmarks. If you want to do a little shopping, Washington D.C. has the best malls with plenty of toy stores. Your kids will enjoy Washington D.C and they will have plenty to explore.

Washington, D.C. is full of education and history, but also full of fun and excitement for kids as well. As a child, my elementary school would always take field trips to Washington, D.C., and my two favorites were the National Zoo and the Air and Space Museum. If you go to Washington, D.C., be sure to check them out!

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Choosing a vacation spot for your kids does not have to be hard. These tips will help you choose the right spot, so your kids will have a memorable time. So when you are considering where you would like to go on your next family vacation, be sure to check out some of these ideas from DealDash.

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