DealDash Family Vacation and Travel Tips


Traveling with kids can be stressful. DealDash has some tips to keep you sane on your family vacation this summer.

Traveling with the kids can seem like a very stressful thing to do. However, it does not need to be that way. There are many things that you can take out the stress of traveling with kids including some of the following tips from DealDash.

Direct is Best

You want a direct route wherever you happen to be traveling if at all possible.  This way you are traveling for the shortest amount of time possible. You can save yourself from having kids that are getting fussy because they’re sitting in a seat for too long.  So when you’re planning to travel on a vacation or anywhere for that matter take the most direct route. This includes car trips and plane trips as well.

Be Prepared

You definitely want to be prepared when traveling with the kids. Make sure that you’re doing things like taking a first aid kit and making sure you have any medications that your kids take.  This way you’ll be well prepared for any emergency that could happen while traveling with your children. If you are flying be sure to bring any medications in their original bottles, not in “pill keepers” that don’t have the prescription name and doctor’s name on them.

Bring Games and Snacks

You also want to take into account how you’ll be traveling to your destination and supply your children with appropriate toys and games or other things to keep them occupied.  That way it can keep your kids from getting fussy while you’re in a plane, train or whenever mode of transportation you plan to be taking. You also want to pack treats especially if you’re traveling with small children as they can get hungry on the way to your destination.

Try to Be Flexible

Another thing that will take a lot of stress out of your trip is being flexible with your schedule.  You want to be able to adapt quickly while you’re traveling with small children as things can arise that could put a crimp in your schedule.

When we travel with my family of 5, we always try to plan one “big” thing per day like the zoo, aquarium, or theme park. Then the rest of the day can be spent casually seeing the sights, walking around, browsing in stores, etc. This can prevent “fun fatigue” that can happen when you try to cram too many fun activities into one day. In my experience, kids tend to do better when there is flexibility in the schedule to have some down time.

Thanks for Reading

These are just a few of the things that you keep in mind when you want to travel with your children.  By being careful and doing a lot of planning and have a great trip with your kids.

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