DealDash Cooks: Feeding Picky Eaters

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Feeding picky eaters can be difficult – and they are not always kids, either! Here are some tips from DealDash for feeding your picky eater.

Many parents go through the frustration of dealing with a picky eater. They spend countless hours trying to come up with things that their little one will eat. The following are some tips to keep in mind to assist the pickiest eaters to eat. These tips and tricks might not work as well on adults, but you can always give it a try! Read on for more information from DealDash.

Patience is Key

You need to be very patient with your picky eater and make sure you are consistent with getting them to try new foods. You don’t want to simply give up as that way your child (or picky spouse!) will think it is perfectly fine to dislike trying anything new. So don’t get upset and continue to offer them new things to eat.

Start Small

You also want to start off small when you want them to try new foods. You want to only offer them a small portion so they do not think that they need to eat a lot of something that they aren’t even sure they are going to like. Start by offering a piece or two a new fruit or vegetable or a few small pieces of a meat that they haven’t tried yet.

My rule at home is that my kids have to try one bite of everything. I read once that you have to try a new food eight times before you can truly decide if you like it or not. So until I can be 100% sure that my kids have tried a new food at least that many times, they will be having one bite. 

Don’t Overdo the Snacks Before Dinner

You are going to want to balance out drinks and snacks during the day for your kids. If they get too much to eat or drink before dinner they are certainly not going to want to try something new that looks “yucky” to them. 

(Friendly) Peer Pressure Can Work

You could also consider a little bit of outside help when it comes to getting your picky eater to eat something new. Invite a favorite friend or family member over for dinner and have them show your child how yummy the new food it. It just may encourage them to try it for themselves. This works especially well if your child has a few favorite cousins who are adventurous eaters. Try to invite them over every week so your child can learn from them.

Thanks for Reading

Having a picky eater can be frustrating as you need to deal with someone who isn’t welcoming the idea of trying new foods. However, if you are consistent and patient it is a period that you should be able to get through with little trouble. Try these tips from DealDash and your child will be asking for broccoli and brussel sprouts in no time!

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