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Cleaning your glasses is an important thing to do if you want to have your optimum vision. Read on for some healthy tips from DealDash.

Many people wear glasses on a day to day basis. Although contacts can be a solution to your vision problems, wearing glasses is still a popular choice. It is important to take care of your glasses so you can keep the lens clean and prevent any eye damage. Here is a step by step way to clean your glasses, from DealDash.

Clean Your Hands

It is important to wash and dry your hands before you clean your glasses. You should make sure that your hands are clean from dirt and grime to prevent germs. Use dishwashing liquid and a towel that does not contain any lint to dry your hands. You can’t clean your glasses with dirty hands if you want to get your glasses as clean as possible.

Rinse Your Glasses

Rinsing your glasses is the next step. It is best to use lukewarm water to get rid of debris and dust. Removing debris and dust will prevent you from scratching your glasses. Never use hot water to rinse your glasses because it can damage your eyeglass lens. Make sure that you do a proper rinse to get all of the grime off.

Use a Dishwashing Liquid

When you clean your glasses, you should use a lotion-free dishwashing liquid on each lens. It is imperative to only use a small amount of the dishwashing liquid.  You can also apply a drop of liquid on your fingertip. Dawn original formula is the perfect dishwashing liquid to use because it does not include lotions. This is the familiar blue liquid that most people have in their homes.

Rinse and Dry

Once you have finished rinsing and cleaning your glasses, the next step is to rinse and dry your lenses thoroughly. It is important to use a lint-free towel. You should use a dish towel that is free from fabric softener to wipe your glasses. Make sure you inspect the lenses again once you rinse and dry the lens to see if you have missed any spots.

Thanks for Reading

It is very easy to clean your glasses, but you have to be careful not to smudge or damage them. You can also use spray eyeglass cleaners if you do not have any dish soap available. If you follow these tips step by step, you should have clean and wearable glasses in no time.

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