DealDash Helps Your Family Be More Active


Most families could be more active. Here are some helpful tips and hints from DealDash.

These days, more than ever, it seems like most families are glued into their electronics. Also, there is little time reserved for actually moving around and getting some exercise. Ergo, here are a few things that you can do to make it much simpler for kids and adults of all ages to get in the exercise that they need during the day, from DealDash.

Do it Together

First, you need to make exercise a group activity whenever possible. This will not only benefit your child but you and the rest of your family as well. If your kids see you get excited about getting more movement in will help them get excited, too. Take some time and think about what kind of things that you can do as a family to get more exercise in your life. If possible, have everyone in the family make some suggestions of activities, too.

Make it Fun

Next, it’s important for kids to think that exercise and moving around is fun. Want to get your kids extremely excited exercise? Plan a treasure hunt for them! It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, just something that will get their minds and bodies working. You just need to plan a small surprise for the treasure at the end and you are all set to have some fun. If possible, try not to have the treasure be a form of candy or other junk food. Try a new fun water bottle, a jump rope, chalk, or bubbles. This would be a much healthier prize.

Chores = Exercise

Finally, turning your household chores into games is yet another thing that you can do. This will get more exercise into your kids’ life. By making chores active and fun you will be helping them learn the responsibility of doing chores. Also, they will also learn to love getting active. If your kids are smaller, say preschool and elementary school age, they probably like to help you anyway. Let them do the dusting and even the vacuuming. They are great for stretching and getting in some aerobic exercise.

In conclusion, these are really just a few of the things that you can do in order to get more exercise into your family’s life. All it takes is a little research and you are sure to find something you and your kids would enjoy doing. By helping them learn the lesson of how great it is to get up and be active you will see that you will be helping them to be much healthier and happier people as they get older.

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