DealDash Home: Reorganize a Small Bathroom


Having a small bathroom can be a tricky problem. However, with good organization, you can make it work for your family. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash to help.

Small, cramped bathrooms with little space and lots of stuff can present big problems. This is especially true for a busy family. With items strewn across the bathroom countertop with no designated space make it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. This can be a disaster when morning routine time is at a minimum. You can conquer this problem with an honest assessment of your bathroom’s contents and some creativity. Read on for some helpful ideas from DealDash.

Get Rid of Excess

For starters, look around your tiny bathroom. If you have products in your bathroom that you didn’t like after the first use, or that someone who previously visited left there and your family doesn’t use, get rid of them. This can be a little distressing if you focus on the money that you spent on buying it. However, if it’s taking up valuable space in your cramped bathroom quarters, it’s costing you more in stress than it’s worth.

You’ll probably be amazed at how much space you can free up by clearing out these unused, unwanted items. I find that makeup and sample-sized products are the worst offenders in my bathroom. How about yours?

What’s Left?

Next, after you’ve cleared these items out, assess what’s left. If there’s a drawer for makeup, but nothing in it is sorted, consider some small boxes or baskets to place them in. DealDash can help if you need home organization items.

Place lipsticks and glosses in one bin, another for makeup compacts, and another for makeup applicators such as brushes and sponges. If you and your family don’t use these items you will have a much quicker time, as these items take a while to sort.

If there are a lot of hair products, consider using a larger basket to place them in. You can store this container under the sink which can be easily removed and put away each morning. This can be very helpful if more than one person in your family has long hair and each has their own hair dryer, flat iron, curler, etc. Check DealDash to see their Fashion, Health, and Beauty products.

Use Your Pantry

Are you in the habit of stocking up on products you seem to go through quickly such as toilet paper, lotion, or toothpaste? If yes, then consider storing those in a pantry or linen closet instead of in the bathroom itself.

Make sure all family members know where to look for a replacement or refill should they run out. This is especially important when it comes to toilet paper! In my family, we store all of the paper products in one bathroom closet and all of the other replacement items such as shampoo and toothpaste in our second bathroom’s closet. This makes taking stock of our items before we go shopping much easier.

Get Everyone on Board

Finally, and most importantly, get your family to agree on using and maintaining the organization system that you have created. It’ll do no good to organize only to find things disheveled and unorganized the following week. You should also ask for input when devising a system. You will all want to be on the same page and make sure it’s one that everyone involved can live with. Don’t forget to ask your kids as well. When kids are allowed to give their ideas and input they are much more likely to take part in the organization process.

Thanks for Reading

Organizing your small bathroom can seem like a lot of work. However, if you do some planning you’ll see that it won’t be very difficult or take a lot of time. Be sure to get your family involved as it will be a lot less work for yourself if everyone pitches in.

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