DealDash Quick Clean – Bathroom Edition


Want a clean bathroom, fast? Follow these suggestions from DealDash to accomplish your goal.

Cleaning your bathroom can seem like it will take forever. However, with these quick clean tips from DealDash, you will get your bathroom sparkling and germ-free, fast! Here are some suggestions to clean your bathroom quickly and effectively. Read on for more information.

Keep Your Shower Clean

One of the best ways to clean a shower is to use white vinegar. Simply put the white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag and place it over the nozzle, tie it, and leave it overnight. You might want to use a double-bag so it doesn’t leak and soaks as much as possible. Then, the next day, you should remove the plastic grocery bag with the white vinegar in the morning and run some water to rinse.

Next up, shower curtains. Wash your shower curtains with your normal detergent along with some old towels. You should replace your shower curtain liner every 6 months so it doesn’t grow any mildew.

Keep it Clean on the Daily

To begin with, the easiest way to have a clean bathroom is to do a little cleaning each day. That way when it’s time to give it a deeper clean it will go much faster. Just think, if you gave your mirror, sink, and counter a quick wipe with a paper towel and a squirt of window cleaner or vinegar each day it would always be clean! Add in a quick swab of the toilet with the brush daily and it will stay clean much longer as well. Additionally, keeping the toiletries and clutter to a minimum can go a long way towards making your deep clean go quickly.

Low-Effort, CleanToilet

Next, even if you are giving your toilet a quick swab daily you will want to give it a (quick) deep clean weekly. This is very easy to do! Begin by pouring baking soda into a cup and pour it into the toilet bowl. Let the baking soda sit for a few minutes then flush your toilet. Make sure to also clean the toilet seat with an all-purpose cleaner. This all takes less than 5 minutes per week, so you see you can get the chore done quickly. Using these tips will help keep your bathroom clean and germ-free.

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Thanks for Reading

Keep these things in mind when you are attempting to clean your bathroom quickly. Follow these suggestions and you will find the whole process a lot easier. Thanks for reading the newest blog article.

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