DealDash Self-Care for Parents


We all need to take some time for self-care, especially those of us who have small children. DealDash has some tips to help.

Let’s face it, life has been rough for parents lately – between the online school meetings, trying to homeschool the kids to teach them new lessons, as well as trying to work. It’s been tough. This is why sneaking in a little time for yourself each day is important. When you’re a mom, you understand how draining motherhood is. Read on for some helpful suggestions from DealDash.

You Have to Make Time

During this stressful time, you are probably focusing all of your attention on taking care of your children. You just quite simply forget to be kind and to care of yourself. The challenge, however, is finding time in your day to do so. It’s easy to disregard self-care and make yourself a priority because of the numerous things need to be done first. The thing is unless you can put yourself first and make self-care a priority, having the time for yourself will never happen. If you and your family have a schedule that you try to follow during the day, you need to pencil in a space each day for yourself.

Make it a Late Night or an Early Morning

I take full advantage of the time when my children go to bed and also the moments I’m awake in the morning before they are to carve out my “me time”. I’ll admit that it’s challenging. I really like getting to bed early and also sleeping in. However, the only “sleeping in” that I get these days is when my husband offers to take over the morning routine.

If you’re like me, and neither enjoys staying up late or rising early, setting your alarm even 15 minutes earlier in the AM can be a huge step toward finding time for yourself. Sadly, Mom life lately has been a busy life so possibly the only real respite you get is when your children are sleeping. Use naps and bedtime to partake in self-care activities you enjoy such as exercising, yoga, crafts, or reading a book.

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