DealDash Wellness: Foods That Hydrate


Water is so important for your body. However, drinking plain water can be boring. Here are some tips from DealDash for alternate ways to hydrate.

Drinking enough water will help to keep your body working in top condition.  Unfortunately for many people, they have a hard time getting enough water in each day. They really struggle to get the needed amount of water because let’s face it, plain water can get a little monotonous day in and day out. Luckily, you can get some of your hydration through food as well.  The following are several foods that can help keep hydrated as well, from DealDash.

Yummy Watermelon

Watermelon is an extremely tasty food that contains almost 92% water.  So this is one fruit that you should not feel bad eating as it is a great way to the hydrate your body.  Another benefit the eating this fruit is that it is rich in potassium as well as vitamins A and C. Another bonus with watermelon is that it’s so delicious everyone in the family will want to have some as well and get hydrated.

Try Celery

Eating celery is another way that you can re-hydrate your body as it is made up of around  95% water.  Other benefits the eating celery is that it  includes a very strong amount of fiber in addition to Vitamin K as well as potassium. If you’re not a big fan of plain celery, you can always dip it into veggie dip, add some peanut butter, or even some cream cheese.

Milk Does a Body Good

Drinking milk is most commonly associated with its calcium content. However, you’ll find that drinking skim milk can also be very effective hydrating at your body.  Many healthcare professionals state that picking skim milk after a workout can be more effective than drinking sports drinks.

Cucumbers, Full of Water

Eating cucumbers is another thing that you can do to increase your  water content during the day. They are made up of almost 96% water making them the most water rich of all fruits and vegetables. They can be enjoyed in a salad, for instance, in a sandwich, or on their own.

Thanks for Reading

As you can see there are many foods that can help you get more water in during the day so you do not have to rely on just reading water alone. So if you are looking for more ways to stay hydrated turn to these foods to do the job for you.

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