DealDash Pets: Cleaning up Pet Messes


Having a pet means having extra messes to clean up. Time is of the essence when cleaning pet messes, so don’t delay and read this article today.

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience, but like anything, a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to train, feed, and play with your pet regularly. One of the most stressful things about having a pet is cleaning up after them. You have to make sure that your house stays clean and sanitary. Here are some tips for cleaning up pet messes stains, from DealDash.

Never Rub Only Blot

For starters, rubbing a stain when you clean can only make a mess worse. When you rub the stain, you are going to spread the stain throughout the carpet. Instead of rubbing the stain, you should blot using a damp cloth starting from the outside of the stain, and then going inwards. Blotting the stain will make cleaning up after your pet easier.

Get Up Some of the Mess Before Cleaning

If your pet has a pee-pee mess, it is best to use a paper towel to absorb some of the wetness before you start to clean. Make sure that you are soaking up enough liquid until it is somewhat dry. For solid messes, you should use your gloves and a plastic grocery store bag to get up most of the mess.

After getting up most of the liquid or solid mess you should use an enzyme cleaner and a few paper towels. You can find enzyme cleaners at any chain pet store, be sure to have some on hand for when you have pet messes to clean up. The enzymes in these special pet cleaners will help clean away the scent entirely so your pet won’t be tempted to make a mess in the same place again.

Rinse the Area After You Are Done Cleaning

The most important step is to rinse the stained area after you are done cleaning up the pet stain. No matter which method you use to clean, you always have to spray the area down with water. Then you bolt the area with a white towel until it is dry. When you rinse the area, the stains should go away permanently. The most important part is to be sure to clean up the messes right away so they don’t turn into stains.

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Thanks for Reading

Cleaning up after your pet can take a lot of time out of your day. These tips will help you remove pet messes and stains stress-free. When you use these tips, you will have a clean carpet in no time.

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