DealDash Pets: Let Your Dog Walk Off-Leash?


There are many benefits from letting your dog walk off-lead. Here are some ways to do it safely.

If you only walk your dog or puppy in urban environments with it kept tight to your side, consider changing it up and driving to a forest trail or walking on public footpaths.

There are multiple benefits for this, but the main one being that a dog will walk itself if you let it. Interestingly enough, when let the dog off of the lead, a dog will bound from side to side, run ahead, run back, and generally have a great time. This also lets the dog do all the hard work for you. On an hour-long walk, it may even walk twice as much as you! Here are some ways to accomplish this without endangering your dog, from DealDash.

Already Have a Tight Bond

When you do try this for the first time with a new puppy, make sure you have a great bond. It should come when called into your house and be able to follow a few commands like sit and come. Never, ever use negative reinforcement like hitting to train it; this will only make it scared of you and not want to come anywhere near you. Try using positive reinforcement such as using treats, petting, and praise. This will work just fine and strengthen your bond. You should be starting this training young – the later you leave it, the harder it’ll be to install. However, if you try it too young, the puppy won’t be able to pay attention or remember.

Not Every Dog is Able to Walk Nicely

Some breeds come with their own unique problems. Hounds might spot rabbits and deer and will be off before you’ve even realized they’re gone. In this case, consider walking in large open spaces like fields to get your dog used to being called and returning to you. Labs, especially young ones, are often boisterous and full of confidence; waiting until they’re a little older won’t go amiss. Some dogs will never walk nicely off-leash, and that’s okay. Just give it your best shot, and your dog will love you for it!

Having said this, if you get your dog a little later in its life, then it might have developed a few bad habits. It might not come when called, is aggressive, or will eat anything that comes across its path. If your dog is like this, lots more training will be required before you even begin to take him off-leash. You need to be responsible here; though it’s tempting to let it off just this once, you don’t know if another dog is just around the corner. You don’t want to injure your own dog or someone else’s, so please use common sense when it comes to your own situation.

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