DealDash Cleans: Make the Bathroom Sparkle

DealDash cleans

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t fun, but it must be done. Use the tips from DealDash and get it done faster and easier.

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Most people hate cleaning bathrooms because they let the bathroom get a little too messy. Rather than letting things get out of hand, find something small that you can do regularly. Read on for some suggestions from DealDash.

Clean a Little Every Time

Firstly, after washing your hands, you should have a towel that would be perfect for a quick wipe down. Use the cloth or towel after washing your hands to wipe down the counter. Likewise, make it a point to wipe down the shower walls after you’re finished. Even if you’re just using a squeegee to wipe off water droplets and soap bubbles, you’ll be amazed at how much this cuts down on soap scum, too.

Use Innovative Products

Additionally, there are products that make every day use part of the cleaning process. A number of companies make a toilet bowl gel that helps clean with every flush. It’s a simple process where you “stick” the gel to the toilet bowl. When someone flushes the toilet, the water pulls some of that gel off of the bowl and provides a quick rinse before going down the drain. It won’t replace a weekly scrubbing, but it will keep things much cleaner and make it easier for you.

Also, when things get a little out of hand, my favorite solution is to attach a cleaner to a drill so that I can get a little extra “elbow grease” without the additional effort. This is a great solution for showers and tiles. It really helps make the grout sparkle.

Don’t Like Chemical Smells? Try Apple Cider Vinegar!

FInally, if your issue with cleaning the bathroom is the harsh smells, try looking for less abrasive alternatives. Some cleaners are designed to be a little easier to handle. These cleaners typically add a fragrance to cut down on the smell of bleach or whatever chemical you’re using. You can easily find “all-natural” cleaners as well. If you’re looking to save money, apple cider vinegar is a great solution that mixes well with baking soda.

DealDash Carries Cleaning Appliances

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Thanks for Reading

These cleaning tips for the bathroom will help you clean your house more efficiently. Before you know it, you will have a clean and sparkling bathroom. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on cleaning.

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