DealDash Crafts: Valentine’s Day Creativity


Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to put your creativity to good use. DealDash has some great ideas, so read this article and get creative!

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. While everyone focuses on a romantic relationship, I like to make sure the kids are able to celebrate as well. We focus on making simple crafts that the kids can complete independently. These can be for decoration or gifts for their loved ones. Read on for some fun ideas from DealDash.

Heart Garland

One of our go-to crafts is homemade heart garland. It’s a bit of a play on the candy hearts that you can buy in the store. We cut construction paper into hearts and then string them together. I like to add a quick phrase or note that resembles what you’ll find on those candied hearts. It’s simple and makes for a great decoration or a quick gift.

Accordion Card

Another favorite requires a bit more work. It’s called an accordion card. You start by cutting a 1 inch wide strip of construction paper and fold it into an accordion. On each square that you’ve made, you write a letter to spell out “this much”. Then cut out the shape of a hand. We like to trace our hands. Finally, attach one hand on each side of the accordion. On the “front” hand, write “I love you”. In the end, the card reads “I love you this much” and as the person opens the card, the hands spread further apart.

Heart Person

Following the accordion idea, we like to make a heart-figure. It’s something simple but cute. First, we cut out a heart shape and draw a face on it. My kids love to use googly eyes rather than drawing eyes. We make an accordion fold on 4 strips of paper. I typically aim for about ½ inch wide. Then add small hearts that function as the hands and feet of the heart. It can be a craft on its own or you can write a note on the back to make it function as a card or gift.

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Thanks For Reading

I certainly hope that you try these things that you can do to make your kid’s Valentine’s Day a success. Go ahead and try a few of these suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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