DealDash Kids: Homework Help for Kids


Every kid is different, but many of them need help with homework. Follow these suggestions from DealDash and have an easier time helping your child.

Many kids struggle with homework, and as a parent, it means that it ends up being your struggle as well. Thankfully, there are quite a few things that you can do as a parent to help make homework go more smoothly for your child, with a little help from DealDash.

Get Started Right Away (Or After Snack)

As soon as my school-aged children (8 and 11) get off of the bus, it’s time to do homework. It’s a predictable routine, and there are rarely any arguments about it. Ever since they were in Kindergarten this has been our schedule. On the other hand, my friend’s son is not in this routine, and there are many homework-related arguments in their home. Of course, sometimes they come home hungry and request to have their snack before homework instead of the other way around.

Also, if your child is older they probably have more homework. For your own sanity, make sure that you allow them to take breaks. A 10-15 minute break after each homework assignment is sufficient. It’s surprising to me the amount of homework my 5th grader has versus how much he had last year. Be sure to let them take breaks and things will go more smoothly at home.

Try to Make it Fun

It may sound difficult, but you can try to make homework fun for your kids. Many of you might remember those old “Schoolhouse Rock” videos. Did you know that many of them are available on YouTube to watch for free? This is a great option especially if your child is more of a visual learner. My daughter who is in 2nd grade loves them! And she was very surprised to hear that I watched them when I was her age! There are also many free (and paid) apps that can teach and entertain at the same time. Just do a search for “free education games” or “math games” or “reading games”, and you will have many to choose from to download.

Reward Good Grades With Help From DealDash

Does your child have good grades? Be sure to reward your child’s good work. Doing homework consistently and thoroughly usually leads to better grades. When you notice that your child has been getting great grades on tests and schoolwork, you might want to get them a small gift. DealDash has many things that your child would love. No matter if they love Legos, stuffed animals, board games, or even video games, DealDash has you covered. Click here to see some amazing toys that will really “WOW” your kids. Of course, DealDash is only for adults – The DealDash services are offered and may only be used by persons over the age of 18.

Thanks for Reading

Homework can be difficult for kids. However, it’s great practice for your children’s educational success. Use these ideas from DealDash to help your child with their homework, and schoolwork will become easier for your child.

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