DealDash’s Best Laundry Sorting Tips


Everyone has to do laundry, and most people don’t like it! Here are DealDash’s best tips for sorting laundry to make your chore easier.

Laundry is a chore that most people don’t like to do, but it has to be done. Everyone needs clean clothes. Sorting clothes can take a lot of time. There are some ways that you can make sorting laundry a quick and easy process.  Doing laundry can take some time out of your day. Here 3 tips for sorting laundry and making the process faster:

Sort by Colors

No matter what type of habits you have when it comes to sorting laundry, you have to sort your clothes. It is best to separate the white and bright clothes. Everyone has had that experience where you mixed up your clothes together, and they turn out pink. Make sure you make two separate piles, one for colored clothes and one for white clothes. Sorting your clothes by color will make the process easier.

Sort by the Weight of Your Clothes

Many people don’t think about sorting your clothes by weight. It will not add a lot of time to your sorting routine. It is best to sort by weight so thinner fabrics don’t get destroyed by heavier ones. Sorting by weight is also important so every piece of clothing has the same drying time. You can get two separate bins to divide the clothes up based on their weight. Remember to still keep the whites and brights separate.

Separate the Stains on Your Clothes

It is important to keep a lookout for tough stains. When you pre-stain early you can prevent a badly soiled shirt. Keeping all your stained clothes together makes it easier to check your clothes after they are done being washed. Remember to make sure that all of the stains are completely gone before you dry the clothes.

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Sorting laundry can be a boring task, but these tips will make the process much smoother. It is important to set a certain day to do laundry during the week. When you follow these 3 tips for sorting laundry you will have clean clothes in no time.

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