DealDash Kids: Winter Break Activities


This week is winter break for kids all around the country. Here are some fun activities to do with your kids, from DealDash.

Winter break is finally here, and you are most likely indoors rather than being outside. Being stuck inside all winter can cause cabin fever especially when children are on winter break. You may have a hard time trying to figure out what activities you can do during the winter. Here are some activities that you can do with kids on winter break, from DealDash.

Winter Arts & Crafts

Is it too cold to go outside? Doing arts and crafts that are winter themed is a fun activity to do during winter break.  You can create paper snowflakes with a paper mache and hang them around the house in different areas. A snowman sun catcher is another great arts & crafts project to do. You can hang it on the window, so you can catch the sunlight as it comes in.

If you check out any craft store you will find many inexpensive kid’s craft kits. Some of these include slime making, paint by number, clay crafts, and more. Your kids will have a blast with these little craft kits during winter break.

Play in the Snow

If you can brave the weather, you can play in the snow with your kids. Have your kids create snow angels, or you can have a snowball fight. You can also create a snowman with your friends by using different materials such as Oreos for the eyes, and carrots for the nose. Playing in the snow is a good way to pass the time during your kid’s winter break. 

Build a fort

Building a fort indoors is a classic activity for kids. You can build a fort with your kids by using boxes, blankets, and pillows. Your kids can use their imagination to make the fort more entertaining. Building a fort will keep your child occupied during the winter break. 

Create a DealDash Wish List

There are many gift-giving occasions throughout the year, not just Christmas! Why not take some time with your kids during this winter break to browse through DealDash and help them make a wish list of items for the upcoming year? This way when a gift-giving occasion comes up you can refer back to the list and get them something that they love. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Legos. Kids of all ages from preschool to adult love Legos. DealDash has Lego sets of all different skill levels. Just click here and you can check out some different options.
  • Bikes. DealDash carries bikes for kids and adults. It may be too cold to ride bikes now, but Spring is right around the corner. Just click here and check them out!
  • The Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category has tons of excellent choices for kids of all sizes. Just click here to see what is currently up for bid.

Thanks for Reading

Winter break can be a hectic time because your kids may become restless. These ideas will help you find the right activity for your kid so they can have a memorable and fun winter break. When you use these ideas, your kids will have a great winter break! Thank you for reading this new article.

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