DealDash Small Christmas Gifts for Acquaintances


Having a few small gifts on hand for acquaintances is a good idea. DealDash has some small gift suggestions for you.

During Christmas, there is no shortage of people to buy gifts for. Sometimes, you feel the need to buy gifts for an acquaintance that you don’t know all that well. Ideally, you’d like to learn a little bit about what their hobbies are so that you can customize their gift a bit, but sometimes you don’t have time. Below is a list of ideas that can work for anyone, from DealDash.

Planner or Wall Calendar

Firstly, everyone needs to be organized and, sometimes, using your phone just doesn’t cut it. Consider buying someone a planner or a wall calendar. This is a class gift that just about anyone can use. The calendar offers the ability to customize by buying a specific theme (dogs, sports, etc.) I’m often surprised by how many people still use a “paper method” to keep track of their schedules. I keep my planner in the kitchen so everyone in the family can see it and know what is planned for the week.

DealDash has Desk Supplies and Candles

Next, if this person is someone from your office, you can’t really go wrong with getting nice office supplies like a fancy pen and/or personalized note pads. DealDash has auctions for fancy pens. You can get them as a single, or you can also bid on sets of 5, 10, or even 20. Also, they even come in their own little boxes, ready for wrapping. Click here for fancy pens.
DealDash also has auctions for scented candles. The candle is a classic acquaintance gift. DealDash has different scents available. Just click here to check them out.

Water Bottle, Coffee Cup, Thermos

I’m also a big fan of buying drinking thermoses or cups. A tumbler is great for the coffee drinker. A thermos is great for anyone as it’ll keep your hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold. It also offers the flexibility of being something to use for drinks or soups and the like.

Trinkets and Gadgets

Finally, if you’re really stuck, I like to purchase gadgets or trinkets that aren’t unique to anyone, but allows people to fidget to pass the time. You can find the fidget cube online. Also, there are trinket-sized puzzles that you can pick up. However, I wouldn’t look at the fidget spinner that was a fad a few years ago as that could be perceived as being a bit too juvenile. Unless, of course, you are buying for a juvenile acquaintance, such as the teen child of your friend.

Thanks for Reading

I hope that one of these gift ideas for an acquaintance is now on your shopping list. Thanks for reading this article about gift ideas for acquaintances. If you need more holiday ideas, just click here!

DealDash has gifts for acquaintances. DealDash has auctions for candles, fancy pens, and more. Visit now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone! 


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