DealDash Suggests Getting Exercise and Fresh Air


It’s important to get some fresh air even if you can’t go out to the park or the lake with friends. Read this article from DealDash for some tips.

We understand that the quarantine may be getting to be a bit much for everyone. Getting some fresh air is great for your body and your mind. So, we’d like to offer a few tips on how you can get outside without putting yourself in harm’s way. DealDash has your suggestions below.

Got a Deck or Porch? DealDash Can Help Spruce it Up

The safest way is to go outside without ever leaving your home. That may sound a bit backward, but enjoying your deck or porch is probably the safest option that you’ve got. One of the little joys that I’ve found during quarantine is the opportunity to sit on my deck and read a book. As the sun starts to set, I’ve also found that bringing my laptop out can be relaxing. I know some people that sitting outside and just enjoying the peace and quiet over one of their favorite drinks.

If your deck or porch isn’t a comfortable space for you, why not improve it? DealDash has furniture and home decor items that would be wonderful for making your outdoor space more comfortable. To browse for items for your deck or porch, just click here to visit the Home, Garden, and Tools category.

Enjoy Your Backyard

If you’re looking to burn a bit more energy, use your backyard. You can do some simple exercises in your backyard. There are few things better than doing yoga on the grass during a beautiful day. The sun and meditation are both great for your mental health and you’ll be maintaining distance from those around you. Doing simple cardio like jumping rope, jogging, or playing tag with your kids is also a great option. It will get your blood flowing and, let’s be honest, how often in our “normal lives” do most adults play tag?

Enjoy a Walk (Alone)

If you’re someone that doesn’t have much space to call their own (an apartment, living in the city, etc) it’s okay to take a walk, just be mindful of social distancing protocols. I would strongly suggest wearing a mask, even if there is no one else around, some locations are even requiring it now. Even so, you can enjoy a sunset or try to take pictures of something that you wouldn’t normally focus on. With flowers still blooming, try your hand at photography, even if it’s only with your phone.

Take a Ride to Nowhere in Particular

Finally, if it’s just fresh air that you’re after, consider a car ride. My grandparents used to absolutely LOVE driving to nowhere in particular. It’s something that people don’t do much anymore, mostly because of traffic. I’m not sure about you, but where I am, there isn’t much traffic to fight. Try a peaceful car ride. You may find that there’s some scenery that you’ve been missing all along.

Thanks for Reading

Doing a few things like this daily will go far in making sure that you can get some fresh air and sunshine while avoiding groups. Thanks so much for reading this article on health and wellness. Don’t forget to check back every day for new articles here.

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